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[RP] Enter the Cursed City

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((I'd like to point out that the bartender in this post is in fact, NOT, Norton. That is, unless Shion wants him to be :|))

Before you enter a proper bar, your ears tingle by light background music coming from the inside. Next, your sense of touch is activated as you place your hand around the doorknob and turn your wrist. Third, it's your sight; the dimming of the light is a stark contrast to the bright outdoors. Fourth is your sense of smell; a heavy smoke hangs in the air and smells of cigarettes and cigars.

You have to approach the bar itself to activate your final sense.

Mr.Hanes did just that. He took an empty seat at the bar and smiled to the bartender. "Two shots of Russian Standard please."

The bartender nodded; with a skilled hand, he reached behind him, pulled two glasses and bottle; a quick pour and a push: Mr. Hanes had his drink in front of him.

He nodded acknowledgment and slid the man 7$.

Other attenders at the bar had given the man little notice; that is, until he began to sip the vodka. The others stared in disbelief; the bartender was surprised but said, and showed, nothing.

Mr.Hanes ignored them. He liked the cool burn that slid down his throat, the excited tingle and burn that dropped like a stone on his body. He savored the drink more than others, others that would swallow a cup whole and depreciate the taste.

Many, after taking their shot, would slam the glass down. Not Mr. Hanes. Mr. Hanes places the glass down gently; no need to take out the burn on a poor little glass.

"I see your a connoisseur of the fine, good sir."

Mr. Hanes looked at the man; it was the bartender.

"Thank you," he told the man. He picked up the glass to his lips and-

"Why don't you try this one?" the bartender said. "I recently had it imported from the Netherlands; Lucas Bols."

Mr. Hanes gently grabbed the glass from the man and swirled it around in the cup. "Sounds interesting."

He sipped it slowly; the burn was light compared to the other but the drink itself had a bit more taste; a mix of berries, he thought.

"It is very fine; more taste and less burn than the Russian Standard," he said. "I think I'll have another glass."

"Of course sir," the bar tender replied. "I'm glad I made the correct choice on a new import."

"How much will it be?" Mr. Hanes asked.

"First cup's on the house."

Mr. Hanes smiled. "I'll enjoy myself here for a bit," he told the bartender. "Just keep the cops out."

"Why would I do that?" the bartender asked, perplexed.

"I killed the cities top Rio today and stole his money. I'll be going to a rather dark city to spend it later once the sun goes down."

Stefan couldn't help but raise his eyebrow slightly at Ember and take another long drag, the cherry of the cigarette burning red for a few moments before he released the smoke from his lungs and blew it above him, silently using the moment to deliberate upon how much he should reveal. "I have little reason to think about such matters my dear." he said in an amused tone as he looked between the pair and then inclined his head a little "My name is Stefan, by the way, lovely to meet you both." before he turned around, not really waiting to acknowledge their responses as he attempted to get his bearings, his eyes darting around the buildings before he sighed and closed his eyes, muttering a number of curses before deciding upon a direction and motioning to his left "Now I don't know about you two. But I am thirsty and could do with a nice glass of scotch. And I have a feeling that the bar is this way... Feelings seem to tend to lead you in the right direction in this place... Well, that or they lead you into the arms of some sort of horrible monstrosity." his voice had a strangely cheery tone as he finished, as though such a prospect were as normal as a quick trip to the chippie. He took a step forward and then turned to the pair and said with a slight smirk "coming?"

Xu Bai glanced at Ember questioningly, then shrugged as if to say: "oh, why not?" He followed the man, but kept about as much distance as Ember was keeping from him. Just the usual caution.

"Sure, let's see if we can find this bar of yours. I'm Bai," he introduced himself only by the first name, as the other man had, "and the lady is called Ember."

After a while of walking, he asked Stefan a question that he was curious about for multiple reasons: "So, Stefan... Let's say we bump into some 'horrible monstrosity'... can you handle yourself?"

Hollow nyan-chan:
Eric was not prepared for the reaction the girl had so he took quick step backwards to be safe if she would attack or not.
"Clam down a bit" Eric said to the girl as she was clearly frightened by something. "It seems it's her first time down here, asking about a bar is out of the question then" he thought for himself.

"My name is Eric and this is a place called the Dark City, now tell me, who are you and why did you come falling from the sky?" Eric asked the girl.

Ember adjusted her corset a little as the man spoke. He seemed about as odd as anyone would expect to find in a place like this. Hell, Xu Bai was one of the more sane being she has come across in her travels, but she had long ago learned never to take anything at face value. She gave Bai a soft glare and huffed in mock annoyance. " I introduce myself you know.. Prat. " She smirked and turned around as they started walking, counting Bais steps as he moved away and began walking backwards once he was far enough away for his comfort zone. She kept a keen, unblinking vigil out behind them, using the sounds of their steps to keep a fairly stable pace. This was one o the many tricks she learned from.. oh who was it? those monks in Hungary? or was it the Samurai? Oh, she didn't know anymore, she had officially lost track of all of the martial experts she had come across throughout her 'lifetime'.

The girl panted with gritted teeth, fingers tightened into fists. she stared at the man for a while, eyes darting over him and around the area. She seemed to calm  down a little as she realized she was not being actively attacked. " S-sen.. My name.. My name is Sen. " she stammered out through jagged breaths that chilled her chest uncomfortably. She relaxed her defensive posture, but her hands remained in front of her, tense and ready should something happen-just as her mother always taught her. " I have no clue why I came plummeting from the sky.. I-.. I just woke up in some strange wooded land with stone paths and odd pillars with lights on them.. I followed the path, and reached an even larger, black path.. like a stone road, but not made out of bricks or cobblestone.. and then I was pulled backwards into some swirling black vortex.. " she looked down at the ground a little, then re-focused. " then I woke up in your arms.. so.. Who are you? " She asked, looking surprisingly.. dangerous for a short, pale girl. Her bright blue eyes gleamed with a strange inner power, but nothing one could understand just form looking into them.


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