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[RP] Enter the Cursed City

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Hollow nyan-chan:
Eric looked at the girl, and her name apparently is Sen. He sighed when he figured this will get troublesome.
"Strange wooded land with stone paths, pillars with light on them? What age are you from young lady?" Eric asked.

He thought a bit for himself right after he asked: "road that's not made of cobblestone or bricks? it sounds like she would come from the medieval ages, and poles with light on them? Is she referring to the streetlights? I'll have to ask her later when she has calmed down a bit more, she doesn't seem too dangerous, but making her see me as an enemy isn't the right choice here."

"You can take down your hands, i wont harm you. And my name is Eric." He said while waving his hands in a downward motion to make her calm down a bit more.

The girl hesitated for a short while, before nodding once and lowering her hands. she stayed tense, but she no longer seemed as if she were about to lash out at the man. " Greetings, Eric. " She stated simply, looking around slowly, surveying the area. she was still quite on edge, especially considering this place looked very much like the other place she had glimpsed from the oddly spread out forest with the path, but.. more sinister.

" I am from the Village of my people. It does not truly have a name, as we have never needed one for it-most simply call it home. It is.. North and to the far west of Delski, and, if you are acquainted with the forest walkers, North of the city of Trelok. " She stated as if these places were well known towns, or even cities, clearly expecting the man to know them as points of reference. She shivered softly, either cold or.. unsettled and looked at the ground. Her face grew.. sad? " Though.. the village is gone, I fear.. destroyed by some malicious force. "

She looked back up at Eric, her stern face returning. " Where are we now then? and where are you from? "

Mr. Hanes loves knives. Present tense. He absolutely adores them.

So much deadly force in such a small size. So much deadly force in a simple and elegant shape.

Now, when he heard that this city of demons (Still couldn't get over that) had a shop exclusively for anything with a sharp edge, he was thrilled! He had immediately gone out of his way to take down one of his sponsors competitors and taken a rather large chunk of change with him as he entered the city. He walked around like a little boy about to go into his favorite candy shop for a treat.

The demons of the city got out of his way. They preferred not to be the one to stop him from entering his 'candy store.'

He found it quickly thanks to the help of his underworld benefactor. He waltzed in and, almost immediately, he was overwhelmed by the beauty surrounding him.

'Today is a joyous day!' he mentally yelled. He perused the glass cases; simple cutlery was in this first case. Even that was beauty to him.

He finally reached an area that he thought was the 'combat knife' area. Specially designed knives with specially designed sheaths greeted his color-blind eyes. He could care less about the colors these knives had; all that mattered was the gleam of the edge. That idea was promptly thrown out of his head as he laid eyes on the single, most magnificent knife he had ever laid his eyes upon.

Well, knife wasn't the right word for it. It was actually a Cold Steel Kuhkri Machete. The oblong shape was interesting; the pitch black color of the metal was even more interesting.

He could be like a ninja! No more opponents that would see his blade thanks to some stupid shine in the middle of the night!

He quickly looked up for a store associate; there was one about five feet away.

"Excuse me sir," he asked. "How much for this lovely beauty?"

"$100," the man replied quickly.

Cheap! He reached into his pocket and handed the man his money. The man opened the case and gave him the knife in return. "Wouldn't you rather look at the knife before paying for it?" the associate asked.

"I can tell this one was perfect the moment I saw it," Mr. Hanes quickly replied. "Thank you!"

He walked out of the store and quickly made his way to the nearest bar. It was time to celebrate.


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