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Sword Art Online (pretty new, only 6-7 episodes made out of fansubs), Dunno if you guys know the anime, is very not known so i want to know that if doki is interested about to fansub that anime or can link me a site where i can download episode :I i really want to watch it, BUT is slowly perishing and it will close it's routes and torrents so i cannot download that anime anymore, there is alot of others that wants to see the whole serie, but where we can, download them? no clue, but if you have time and your butt ain't sore, could you make it please?? PRETTY PLEASE : :hibiki:

For SAO, go to for downloads. They're subbing it. Doki isn't interested in taking up another anime this season, especially one that is already a quarter of the way in.

Doki's already doing many animes and will do at least two more in BD (Yuri Yuri S2 and Oda Nobuna no Yabou) so I don't think there's enough people from the staff not lazy enough to bother doing it. They could do the BD but it's really unlikely.

Thank you for your time mateys! :shiemi:


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