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Report any errors in the script of the game (mistranslations, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, etc.) by posting like so:

In-game Date
Full line and error
Suggested correction.

August 21
Tomoya: "I do not like gren eggs and ham."
gren --> green

Please search to see if the problem has already been reported!
For problems playing the game, please visit the Game Error Thread.

Dungeons & Takafumis is undergoing renovation. Please hold off on anything within it.

July 2nd (Fri)
Tomoya: "That sound, and that she's trying make me come... head spin."
trying to make

July 11th (Sun)
Takafumi : "I used to becuase I didn't have anything to do."
becuase --> because

Silly Helen:
In the OP, the last phrase.
"Let's go look for the treasure of the life"
treasure of the life -> treasure of life.

I'm not a native english speaker so I can't really say it for sure, but it does sound kinda weird to me.

[Edit] Derp, I rewatched and it seems it was intentional, since the first line in the opening has the same phrasing. It does sound awkward to me, but hey. I'm nowhere near having perfect english grammar. Also, to make the post worthwhile...

August 1
Takafumi: "I'll :insertjapanesecharacterhere: to push myself to the limit."

There was another one like that earlier in the game, but I can't seem to recall. I'll edit when/if I find it.

August 6 Friday
Mitsushima Yuko stands up.

I believe her name is Mishima Yuko.

This is the version of the scene where only Tomoya is there. The same scene with Tomoyo also there has the correct name.

July 14
・ヒ・フ・ "Takafumi tea. ' and so on. "
Tomoya "Takafumi tea. ' and so on. "

Tomoya's nameplate is displaying as "・ヒ・フ・" instead of his name.

July 15
Kanako "Me Fujiyama. You pitiful."
Kanako "Me Fujisan. You pitiful."

I know the character for mountain (山) can be read as both "yama" and "san", but the Japanese word is "Fujisan" (富士山) so I'm assuming it should be transcribed as such unless there's some other reason it has been changed which is beyond my knowledge of the language and its localisation.

July 16
・「・」・ "remains and she puts adults to shame as a mystery detective by solving one difficult case after another. "
Kanako "remains and she puts adults to shame as a mystery detective by solving one difficult case after another. "

Kanako's nameplate is displaying as "・「・」・" instead of her name.


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