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It has been a good run

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Not to hate on you for your choices or anything, but the cBox kind of went down a year or two ago, and I've considered it cancerous since then. As such, any interactions with the cBox is the equivalent to posting on 4chan's /b/. Quitting anime altogether just because there were some people knocking you down in the chatbox is equivalent to never using the internet again because you went to 4chan and someone made fun of you.

My suggestions?
A. Don't post in the chatbox
B. Find some new people to talk to (perhaps lurk on /a/ for a while; they're a nice, lively bunch)
C. Don't read the chatbox either

I hate to see someone quit something they like just because of the opinions of other people.

It's not like we care about you or anything... baka..

Haxton Fale:

Springu, if losing an argument on the internet is enough to make him quit anything, then he's better off staying away from it.


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