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[Visual Novel/Eroge] Natsuyume Nagisa


Hello there.
I'm new here and I wanted to request for this Visual Novel/Eroge to get translated.
There has been this team that was translating it but it has been stuck at around 6% for nearly a year and I was really looking forward to this because it seems like it actually has a really good story to it.

Thank you.

I don't think we can take any requests for any other VN translations right now.

The VN staff is pretty busy with Clannad and Little Busters projects.

You also need to understand that 1 year or longer isn't necessarily uncommon for a VN translation project. The translation is the biggest piece of work but there's also the editing, testing and other steps before a patch is ready.

Ahh I see, well that's too bad.

And about that, I know translations take a very long time, plus the group that was going to translate it's editor and translator both have said on their Twitter accounts that they are "currently" not working on it, and that's been there for about 6 months, so yeah I was just wondering.


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