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I just wish they would say anything at all really, just so we know they haven't just abandoned it. If it's dead they should at least say so, that way another team could pick it up. I don't think a small update would be too much to ask, it's almost as bad as the subahibi translation lol.

Google Docs got updated. Over the 90% translated mark overall.
Why must you build my hype again. It hurts.

De Kus:
Haha, I look at my Little Busters wall calendar every day. Can you get more hyped? ^-^ Considering the progress updated I'd say just noone updated the doc for a while... so progress was just a little slower. Gogogo! :D

De Kus:
96.62% translated of new lines for ME/EX... the progress is real! :)

The Dream is still alive.


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