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Shiny Days gets English Limited Edition release



From the description page: Includes:

•The full game on two dual-layer DVDs (18 GB total install).
•A download edition key sent by email, so you can start playing on the release date.
•An original mousepad with new art by Junji Goto.
•A gorgeous 48 page artbook with glossy art from the Days series games.
•Illustration card and manual.
•A large Japan-style game box.
•A collectible download card w/code (for users who don't have optical drives attached to their computers).

Sounds pretty cool. I'm glad I haven't played Summer Days before, since playing it would take a lot of the experience out of playing Shiny Days, since the latter is essentially a remake of the former with extra content. Shiny Days has gotten a better rating on VNDB (better than School Days as well, actually...), so they must have done something right.


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