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Not too sure if there is anything else that happens behind the scenes, but Moodkiller can "like" Moodkiller posted uploads. 

This was true on Nyaa as well, but I don't know if it's really worth going after. It's pretty much impossible to prevent if someone wants to give them self a like.

That is true. Hmm, well I would say it would be easy? While I know nothing much about web code, wouldn't it be possible to have the "like" function for that user disabled/greyed out? And if statement if you like. If logged on users name = submitter or groups name then no like

Any good proxy can bypass that and then one can rape his releases with likes.
I'd be careful before driving them towards that solution, it'll be tempting for them then.

@Moodkiller, you can go like all my uploads, if liking your own makes you feel bad  :trollface:

Seriously tho, The like button isn't used often to begin with. On average, I see most uploads only getting 2-3 likes.


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