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Games / Re: Hangman~
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Games / Re: Hangman~
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Games / Re: Hangman~
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Well then, shall we try and get this thread up an running again?
Is K a letter in the word?

Evil's Gratitude / Re: [RPG] Evil's Gratitude OOC
« on: June 30, 2012, 09:03:33 am »
@Infinity, sounds interesting, ill maybe get there with Embers character :P

And would Krozam or someone else that hasn't posted post? so we can get this going again.

Evil's Gratitude / Re: [RP] Enter the Cursed City
« on: June 09, 2012, 03:42:29 pm »
Eric looked at the girl, and her name apparently is Sen. He sighed when he figured this will get troublesome.
"Strange wooded land with stone paths, pillars with light on them? What age are you from young lady?" Eric asked.

He thought a bit for himself right after he asked: "road that's not made of cobblestone or bricks? it sounds like she would come from the medieval ages, and poles with light on them? Is she referring to the streetlights? I'll have to ask her later when she has calmed down a bit more, she doesn't seem too dangerous, but making her see me as an enemy isn't the right choice here."

"You can take down your hands, i wont harm you. And my name is Eric." He said while waving his hands in a downward motion to make her calm down a bit more.

Evil's Gratitude / Re: [RP] Enter the Cursed City
« on: May 13, 2012, 06:37:30 pm »
Eric was not prepared for the reaction the girl had so he took quick step backwards to be safe if she would attack or not.
"Clam down a bit" Eric said to the girl as she was clearly frightened by something. "It seems it's her first time down here, asking about a bar is out of the question then" he thought for himself.

"My name is Eric and this is a place called the Dark City, now tell me, who are you and why did you come falling from the sky?" Eric asked the girl.

Evil's Gratitude / Re: [RPG] Evil's Gratitude OOC
« on: May 11, 2012, 05:16:54 am »
I'm in the same situation as Krozam ^^

Evil's Gratitude / Re: [RPG] Evil's Gratitude OOC
« on: May 10, 2012, 06:33:41 am »
Do I have to start nudging people to post now? :P
It seems so.
So I'm considering turning Evil's Gratitude into an interactive novel. Would anyone be offended if I elected to include their characters, past or present?
It sounds like a nice idea. You got my approval :D

Evil's Gratitude / Re: [RP] Enter the Cursed City
« on: April 25, 2012, 06:26:14 pm »
After a couple of minutes of walking Eric felt a presence of something dangerous, but it wasn't close. He tried to sense if he could point the presence which way it came from, so he would know where not to go to avoid danger. He was so in thought if pin pointing the way of the presence that he noticed the screams of something too late.
He looked up to see someone falling from the sky in his direction. Eric moved by instinct a step or two away from his previous location and prepared the catch the person. "What the hell?" Eric said and caught the person. He was thrown down on the ground by the impact of catching the person in his arms. He gasped for air as he thought "Bloody hell is happening today?". He took a look at the person he had caught. A girl, it was a girl he had caught that had fallen from the sky in some way. It didn't surprise him too much, it's hell after all.
As Eric stood up, he asked the girl: "Who are you and why in heavens name did you come falling from the sky?".

Evil's Gratitude / Re: [RP] Enter the Cursed City
« on: April 24, 2012, 03:29:51 pm »
Eric walked down the alley and got a weird feeling about something is gonna happen soon, either that or his shadowy "friend" had surfaced in his mind again. He walked towards the bar and somehow missed that someone blocking him. Eric bumped into the man and as he was rising his head to take a look at who and what he had bumped into he said: "Excuse me, didn't look in front of me". The man he bumped into was a doorman, and a bitter one at that. The doorman looked at Eric and just ignored him.
Eric was thankful for that and just walked into the bar. Inside the bar was some nice furniture, not too many people since it's still early. Eric ordered a whiskey, as he was about to drink it, the portal to hell opened right under him. The people in the bar and the bar keeper didn't notice his sudden disappearance, that's a positive thing with hell portals.

It felt like someone dragged Eric into the portal when it opened inside the bar. Eric was thrown to the ground by the force of the portal and lost his breath for a short moment, also, he had spilled his glass of whiskey over himself thanks to the sudden portal. He stood up and just sighed and then started talking out into the air: "Isn't a god damn warning possible?".
Eric sighed again and lit a cigarette carefully as he was drenched in alcohol and walked down the road he had landed on to see if he could find a bar of some sort down here.

As Eric walked down the roads and alleys and he could hear some faint echos of howls and other grunting sounds that did not sound too good. He could hear the howls growing louder each step he took, so he turned to one of the alleys and went down it to see if he could get to another road that would lead somewhere safer. The howls stopped for a while so Eric thought he was safe for the moment. But as he turned to the left after the alley he saw the shield headed bastards just stand there searching for something, not him at the moment.
"Ah, crap, this is not good" Eric thought and backed away slowly into the alley he got there from. Just after a few steps he heard some howls behind his back, and he stopped backing. When he turned his head to see what was behind him he saw another pack of shield heads that was looking at him. "Damn this place, i'm not in the mood for a fight right now" He whispered as he sighed.
The shield heads went for a rush on him, but Eric was quick witted so he jumped trough the shadows to outrun them quickly.
A couple of jumps later Eric landed close to what looked like a main road. He couldn't sense the shield heads anymore, but he could hear the howls echoing from the valleys.

Evil's Gratitude / Re: [RPG] Evil's Gratitude OOC
« on: April 07, 2012, 08:12:49 am »
Name: Eric Talvian [White_Shadow]

Age: 28

Race: Human

Appearence: Eric is 6", has platinum/silver looking hair that is almost shoulder length and he is lightly tanned.
He mostly uses a trench coat or a black suit in both Hell and the real world.

Curse: Shadow Being - Eric's curse, or the so called "Blessing" of the devil, allows him to "jump" between shadows and "create" weapons that's made of shadows. He can only jump roughly around 100 feet within shadows. As he is a being of shadow, he is greatly weakened and can not use his abilitys when there is only open places with a lot of light, either sun or a couple of lamps.
The curse has a life itself, like a second personality of Eric, and it craves for fights, blood and death. Eric has to fight mentally with this being all the time, and even more when he uses the abilitys.

Background: Eric worked at a company that made different kinds of programs for computers as a team leader for the development department. At the evenings he trained his Martial Arts. He trained martial arts because he found it interesting, and it's a way to keep himself in good health. A couple of kids from the neighborhood was interested in martial arts, and he found it interesting so he started to give them some lessons in martial arts, not complicated ones, or dangerous moves that could be lethal.
One evening he was going on as usual, then he noticed an old man in need of help across the street. Right after helping the old man, Eric just blacked.

Sample RP: Eric looked out the window from the apartment and sighed. It was gonna be a sunny day today. He walked across the room to the kitchen and poured some whiskey into his glass. Eric walked towards the window at the other side of the room with his drink and watched out the window so he could see if something interesting was going on. Just when he turned around from the window he heard the police sirens and turned back to see what was happening.
"Shit, are they searching for me? or are there some other guy in this hotel they want?" Eric said and swept his drink. He got dressed quickly and jumped through the shadows to an alley of the backside of the hotel. He walked down the alley and disappeared within the shadows.

Games / Re: create a word from the last letter
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The Wings of Hall / Re: [RPG] The Wings of Hall
« on: March 23, 2012, 05:37:05 pm »
When the wound was healed, it itched a bit but Lissa didn't pay attention to it and stood up. After picking up her  sword, she walked to the others as they had started to move further into the tunnel.

As they got further into the tunnel Lissa could feel the air changing, it felt a bit out of place since it was in a tunnel she thought, but as they kept going they reached a natural cave she didn't think much of it anymore. Lissa was amazed at the sight of the cave, and the thought of how long this tunnel and cave is.
That which Lissa could see in the cave was partially covered with crystals that were glowing with a mysterious blue light. "Beautiful" she said with a small smile on the face and then she focused on the narrow bridge to see if there was any visible hinders such as traps or something else.

Games / Re: create a word from the last letter
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Games / Re: Hangman~
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