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Holo, who is he? And what is Doki?

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Working for Doki I have being asked many a time now, "Who is Holo? And just what is Doki?" Not knowing the full story myself I decided to investigate. Little did I realise I was setting out on an adventure full of mystery, loli's and secrets... but mostly loli's.

My first tip off was while watching the recent royal wedding. I spied someone in the background and an usual message on their jacket (See documented evidence).

This was enough to set alarm bells ringing. Clearly there was more to “Holo” than I had even suspected. I quickly decided to check other recent high profile events and sure enough...

Keen observes will notice what I have come to refer to as the “Doki Sign” on the left lapel. This made me wonder, just how far does the Doki influence spread? My next rather serendipitous encounter was a miss-clicked web page leading me to a photo of an American 50 dollar bill, like some crazed conspiracy nut my eyes were drawn to the details...

Soon I was seeing the “Doki Signs” all over. My major discovery at this point was the 1969 moon landing...

How can this be I asked myself, surely this is older than Holo himself. And so it dawned on me, what if “Holo” is not just a name, but an identity, handed down through the generations to the leader of a secret society. The Dokiuminati, shrouded in mystery and their existence known only to a few.

It was around this point I though how far back does this go? Well to answer this I studied various ancient texts and consulted with experts in ancient history. It was from this that I learned the Great Pyramids where once covered in white limestone over the top of the sandstone visible today. This would give the pyramids a vastly different appearance to that we are familiar with. And so through the magic of digital imaging, I present my latest piece of evidence, using the most up to date CGI to restore the pyramids to their former glory.

This concludes my research to date, if you have seen any other “Doki Signs” or caught the mysterious “Holo” in a photo, I impore you please share it with us!

I heard that there have been sighting of Holo all over the world. Not just in the UK, where he would appear to be based.

Maybe we can try and correlate this somehow?

In Massachusetts, there's a city named Lawrence, and I'm pretty sure there were some Holo sightings... The sightings seem to appear frequently in Lawrence, the reasons are unknown.

The other day while in a basketball match i happened to notice that one of the refs had a doki symbol necklace. It seems holo is infiltrating the sporting world as well. The only conclusion i can come to is he is looking for a new team of NBA lolis

I swear those pics are false.... except the moon one is real  :'(


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