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Septe: I like it. I suppose his role would be... navigator?

Irie: There's one problem with your character's abilities: the power of the gods is non-elemental, so if his magic is wind-aligned, it's his own natural ability (possibly boosted by the goddess or the sword). The other option is that he's been granted her divine power, but he's just specialized at converting it to wind magic. Otherwise the character is fine, I guess. His role, warrior/scout?

Hollow: What, your character is a half-dragon and there's no mention whatsoever about that in the history? If you want to keep it as a secret, that's fine, but PM me the details, please. Including what special abilities her draconic heritage grants. Her role, warrior?

I've invited some friends to join us, we'll be getting at least two "outsider" players. Hopefully that's fine with everyone. The more, the merrier...

Name: Nex Addo
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Race: Human

Stands tall and has a long black cloak. The only visible body part is his hand which looks very old. Holds a crooked staff. His face can't be seen and when people try to look upon his face, they will only see darkness and feel hopeless as well as scared. Nex knows this and tries to keep his hood down. When he walks forward, a small black smoke comes underneath his cloak that fades away.

Nex has a dark personality and people have the natural instinct on not trusting him. This is the reason why he was solo for bigger part of his life. He has no leading capabilities and he has a natural disgust to people. He can be relied in battle when he can be arced upon to do something. He only does something when it is a challenge for him and his mates usually trick him into making simple things seem like a harder challenge than it is.

Special Abilities
Nex is mostly seen using dark magic. He draws his dark magic from his body. He always uses the lowest level of magic that gets the job done but people theorise that he can do much more. Using dark magic, he can somewhat draw the power from the curse as well as his body making him one of the more powerful dark magic mage there is but using too much puts him in even more agony as his body grows more and more dependant on the dark magic.

During the time he has been alive, he has acquired a lot of knowledge which makes him versatile on many things including alchemy as well as other things. Think of him as a walking library.

Items of Interest
Holds an old crooked staff that stands as tall as he is.

Nex was cursed by a great god of death long long ago (some say it happened many years ago, some say century and even others say even longer), a curse that makes it impossible for him to die. But that doesn't mean the body wont age. What Nex did that deserved such an act is everybodies guess. Nex has since then looked for someone powerful enough to both destroy him as well as the curse, being alive for a long time, his personality has been completely destroyed. He thinks nothing of people and is in constant agony. He doesn't sleep, his pain doesn't allow him to rest and his body forces him to move on.

The name he has is ancient lost language for Death Bringer or Bringer of Death. His real name has been lost in times. He has a bad reputation but whether it all is true or not is anyone's guess.

Since people naturally flee from him, it wasn't until he met Nicolaos Karenz which was the first person who could talk to him like a regular person. Karenz saw instantly that Nex was talented and tricked Nex into joining his party. Nex knew full well he was being tricked but he didn't mind as he was finally part of something. Karenz managed to convert Nex into following Hall and Nex hoped that when Hall gains enough power, he could take Nex's curse away.

Relationship with other characters

(click to show/hide)I should note that with most characters he will find either annoying or be easily annoyed with on regular or daily basis unless otherwise is specified.

* Harold BjornsonNex holds no personal opinion on Harold except for the fact that he is an excellent digger and can sense minerals which Nex likes to use to experiment. Nex makes sure he can stay on the good side with Harold in case he needs him to do a favor for him.

* Nicolaos KarenzNex has huge respect for Nicolaos. While he normally doesn't listen to what the others have to say, he takes Nicolaos commands very serious. The reason behind his respect for Nicolaos is because Nicolaos is the first person to speak to Nex like a normal human being. Most people either approach Nex with disgust, fear or pure hatred. Nicolaos didn't. A simple thing, people might say, but for Nex, this is the highest honor a person can do to Nex.

* Darwin RodayDarwin is a quiet man.Not that Nex has any problems with that. The only problem Nex has with Darwin is the fact how he doesn't want to kill anyone. He thinks he's naive for not allowing them the pleasure of dying, since being left alive in pain must be much worse than death. But other than that, he hardly has an opinion on Darwin, and maybe that is what makes it a much more dangerous relationship. People that Nex don't care about are people he see's as dead.

* Lissa DragomierLissa is one of those character Nex just likes. Maybe because she's female (and hot) but maybe because she too holds a dark past which she doesn't wanna talk about, something that Nex understands very well.. He also holds respect for her since she too has experienced the same thing as Nex, being looked with disgust by the general population. The only time Nex get's in good mood is when Lissa is teasing someone or when they become chatty.

Nex see's himself a little bit in Lissa, both due to her mysterious past but also because she has much raw power she has yet to be able to control.

* Setsuna AndoNex dislikes Setsuna alot. Most of it is because Setsuna looks for flaws in people (that Nex does too) but has no background reason for it (as far as Nex knows). Nex hates people because people usually hate him, for Setsuna to do the same without meeting the same disgust, annoys Nex alot.

* IshmanNex finds Ishman a bit curious. You might find Nex ask Ishman some simple questions about his skills and such. The reason being, Nex being knowledgeable with almost everything, holds little knowledge of Ki. Most Ki users aren't scholars or reaserchers and therefore, the studying and knowledge off Ki is somewhat little as close to nothing.

Nex always tries to experiment with or on Ishman with different things, so Nex can gain more understanding on Ki.

* CathairThe first character Nex really hates. Mostly because Cathair seems to him to be all muscle, no brains. Forcing his way through things not to mention his pure arrogance really annoys Nex alot.

Everything about Cathair annoys Nex and most everythin Cathair might suggest or say, will make Nex grumble, even if his suggestions are good.

* Jimmy 'Kage' KunetoThere is something about Jimmy that annoys Nex, maybe it's his arrogance, calling Nex old or asking Nex if he needs help and such. Although such things might make most people angry, Jimmy's retort are unusually witty as well as his comeback and as such, Nex always returns most of Jimmy's retort with sarcasm. He also likes to call Kage, Jimmy, mostly for it's sarcastic tone as well as to make sarcastic comments on his "age" compared to Nex. In most cases, Nex looks at Jimmy as a child but people generally find children to be funny, and this, sometimes, holds true with Nex's and Jimmy's relationship.

Most people don't have or know how to come up with witty remarks or sarcastic comebacks and for this, Nex... for some reason... holds a slight respect for Jimmy. Why that is is everyone's guess.

Nex also likes to compete with Jimmy in shadowy skills.

* Acan MoreadNex doesn't really have an opinion on Acan. Acan respects other people's wishes and because Acan tries not to insult Nex, Nex returns the same respect. Because Acan leaves Nex alone, Nex returns with same respect.

Also, Nex loves each Acan's comment when Acan comments on how situations could be worse and also how Acan is calm in tough situations, just like Nex.

* Estia BaracksonEstia's carefullness in battle, not to mention her intelligence and how she holds honor to someone higher than her (in intelligence) makes Nex respect her. This also holds true to how she honors what people say.

Estia likes challenges, something that she and Nex share a common interest. Nex doesn't like to challenge Estia but he likes how she makes something seem like challenges.

However, Nex always appears annoyed with Estia even though deep down he holds respect for her. This is mostly due to the fact that he can't overlook how she doesn't hold the same problem as Nex has with age. Estia can grow hundreds of years old and still seem young while Nex, whose age is forced upon him must suffer through all this. Nex is aware that his next century of life will be filled with anguish and pain. Because of this, Nex always distances himself from her, knowing the closer he gets to her, the more annoyed he will become.

This is the main reason why Nex might seem to hate her, even though he would wish for nothing more to teach her everything he knows. But he can't overlook this blessing she has.

* Maria CyanNex thinks of Maria as a useless person. While the truth might be far from it, Maria can't help Nex with his ailment and for this, the fact that she calls herself healer, while not being able to heal his pain, makes Nex think of her as a useless person.

Deep down, Nex feels disgusted with Maria, feeling that she is useless, he feels she is compensating her "uselessness" with "caring" and "love". This fact however, Nex tries to hide desperately because she is the only one who can really scold the others and he doesn't want to lose that opportunity to use her for such things.

* Aidan Donovan am DelianIf there is one thing Nex can't resist, it's occult magic, or in this case, Aidan holy symbols that he draws on himself. It's divine protection was somewhat of new to Nex. Ofcourse Nex knows he can easily outmagic the protection but he will come out badly in that combat and Nex knows that.

However he really hates Aidan arrogance, of thinking about Nex as some old guy and that he should "know his place" as Aidan put it one day. He really doesn't like to show Aidan his skills, as he feels his hatred to him will only grow worse. For this matter, he always distance himself with Aidan and tries to go in group with someone else when the group splits.

Character look (without the weapons since my character uses an old wooden crooked staff)

Since he can't sleep, the Wings of Hall usually make him stand guard when the members sleep.
He has been acquiring knowledge for the longest time and as such, has knowledge on almost anything related to everything.

created Nex's opinion on the other characters.
Fixed Nex's opinion on Nicolaos.


--- Quote from: Krozam on August 15, 2011, 02:09:41 pm ---Septe: I like it. I suppose his role would be... navigator?

--- End quote ---

Can be a navigator but if you want him to scout, he needs to be trained.  He's got training as an sapping engineer.  Ask him to take down a castle and he will.

Irie Naoki:
Septe its okey, I'm an Avian so I can scout easily, I can also with the help from my blade hid within the clouds

That's fine if we're above ground.  But what if we're in confines or underground?  Just a point.  But, in any case, he'd do better having stealth.  Sneaking in and placing explosives would be his forte.  Too bad he didn't think to do that to the Usurper who kicked him out of his homeland. ;)


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