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Hollow nyan-chan:
Lissa was standing alone practicing with her sword a bit further away from the camp when Nicolaos went to talk to the commander. She said "This should be enough before the battle" and stoped with the practice. She returned to the camp where the others are and looked at the tremendous castle they were gonna attack soon. "This is gonna be a challenge now" she said and sat down on a rock. She looked through her equipment to see if there was something missing or not. It have been a while since their last battle and she didn't want to suddenly notice something were missing.

A few minutes later she stood up and went to the well to get some water to refill her pouch. On the way to the well she watched soldiers as they came and went, some were severely wounded and some only had minor injuries. When she was getting the refill for the pouch she noticed that a lot of soldiers were watching her. she mumbled for herself "This is to be expected, there isn't many women that fights in wars or joins mercenary groups". When she had refilled the pouch, she returned to the camp to see Nicolaos walk out of the tent and towards the group and said "Let's go". Lissa took her packing's and walked behind the others and thought that this is gonna be interesting.


The passage of time stands still as she waits on bated breath for word of tonight. Nicolas has left to get word of the fight in the nigh impenetrable fortress of Beil. High walls. Soldiers armed to the teeth. For four hundred years, the fortress stood as a symbol of power of the people that depended on it. For four hundred years, the world had desperately tried to force open its gates.

Those four hundred years would hopefully end tonight and the Wings of Hall would be on their merry way, drinking and chatting to such a huge score of wealth.

She follows the gaze of Cathair as he watches another attempt to take the fort. The least it would do was serve as a distraction when the Wings took their turn.

She looks away at the sight of more human despair. More human plight. And hides a cruel smile at the thought of people leaving such a world. "Good riddance," she says under her breath. Only one member seemed to notice.

Nicolas had appeared again.

"Let's go."

She follows him, preparing a small incantation to hopefully block arrows that would come her, Lissa's, and Estria's way.


She sat, absentmindedly whittling arrow shafts out of pine boughs she plucked from a tree a few days ago. Her eyes wandered around the camp, taking in the actions of her companions. Nex, quiet and solemn as usual stood with such an air about him that you wouldn't notice him standing there unless you tried. Lissa practiced her sword techniques in seclusion outside the camp, ignoring the stares of men wondering about the presence of a woman so close to battle.

"Such a strong girl," Thought Estia, putting the finishing touches on the fletching of an arrow.

"Haec recta, et vera sagittam volantem." She whispered, enchanting the feathers for accuracy.

"There's not much arrows can do against a fortress,though perhaps someone has a plan.." She murmured as she sheathed the unfinished arrow in her quiver. Stretching her arms, she slung the quiver onto her back and adjusted the unstrung yew bow.

Standing up, she watched as Nicolas left the tent. As he walked past the diverse band of mercenaries he said simply, "Lets go." Seemingly as one, the wings of hall shadowed behind him. Estia joined them, bringing up the rear with Lissa.

Nicolaos whistled.
   "Our mission - as many of you have no doubt already guessed - is to sneak in and open the gates." He spoke to the group over his shoulder while leading them through the camp. "Our primary plan is to find the back door. A fortress as well designed as Beil must have one, though very well hidden and most certainly well guarded. Expect illusions, traps and battle. In that order. We have three days: if we haven't found the tunnel by then, we'll go with plan B."
   A sound of flapping wings was heard from their right, and in a moment a dark bird landed on Nicolaos' upraised arm. It was Jaar, the raven Messenger of Hall, summoned by the whistle. They spent a moment staring at each other in silence, then the bird spread its wings and flew off towards the fortress.
   They arrived to a large supply tent, in front of which there was a pile of backpacks. They were still far enough to not have to worry about any arrows or bolts fired from the walls. Nicolaos grabbed a pack and swung it on his back briskly. "Our supplies. One for everyone. Someone be a gentleman and carry Nex's backpack." He said this with a completely straight face, without a hint of mockery in his voice.
   "We'll worry about the explosives under the bridge later," he said, turning to speak to Nex. "Do you have any idea where the back door might be?"

Irie Naoki:
As they were walking Darwin noticed the Fortress. With it rising and looking bigger and bigger.
He noticed a tent with the same number of backpacks as the group. Nicolaos told us the mission and while speaking to the child of the Devil ((Nex)) in Darwins eyes, he looks over the fortress thinking off an idea.

Darwin walked toward the tent and picked up a backpack with one hand, held it to check the weight and then put it on the ground and turned to Nic
  "As an Avian I have the needs to fly and soar through the sky. if you would like I could soar around the castle to search from the air if I can see a blind spot or spot the hidden passage."
  He looked to the sky and saw some clouds that floated in the sky. He felt uneasy about the situation and gripped his sword tighter.
  "Even if they do spot me there is no chance in this world or the next that they would be able to hit me. Arrows or magic they are just amatures in the castle." he said with a grin on his face.

Even if he was confident he was still unsure if he would be able to find anything off use by going to the sky.


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