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The archer stood in a ready stance, bow lowered as she gazed at the target, eyes a neutral shade of blue-grey. She raised her hand to the quiver on her back, selecting an arrow and nocking it to the string, raising the bow. Back muscles rippled beneath the gear harness as she drew back the string, calmly adjusting for the breeze and resulting hair in her eyes. In battle, the enemy does not wait for your vision to clear, she thought. He will take advantage of your blindness and attack. Fiona Geileis am Brina did not need to see the target with her eyes. Instinct honed from constant practice took over, enabling her to make the tiny adjustments necessary. She knew its location, visualizing it in her mind, her imaginary arrow striking true. A small smile spread on her lips as she released the arrow. That smile widened as she found her arrow had indeed impaled the heart of the target, neatly clustered among several others.

Returning to camp, she frowned at several soldiers ogling her naked body, voicing catcalls and whistling at her. The barbarians in their metal armor were idiots obsessed with sex. She longed to strike them down for their impertinence, but prior incidents had taught her not to cause permanent injury unless they actually tried anything. It still grated on her nerves, and she practically vibrated with rage as she stood by her countryman. "Tell me I get to shoot some of these barbarians in the face."

Aidan followed quietly, listening to the camp and those around him.  His eyes carried around, alert to all the foriegners as his body swayed with each step.  Battle would be soon, he could smell the anticipation in the air.  He smirked as Fiona came up, chuckling coarsely.  "Soon yes, we'll hopefully have some fun quite soon.  Please, aim for the enemy lines though.  I'm sure they'll be easy targets given the fact none of these barbarians have ever seen a womens body before."

He kneeled down and picked up two packs, switching his spear to his shield hand and throwing the two over his other shoulder.  "I can take his.  I need a bit of extra weight to carry around anyways."  He grunted, standing as one side held a large heavy shield over a meter in diameter and thick wood, plus a spear, his other weighted by two unevenly held packs he positioned to stay on but to push his endurance a bit more.

Harold looked disappointed that he couldn't take two packs but the look faded just as quickly.  He picked up his pack and adjusted it for proper fit.  He turned to the castle and examined it.  His expert eye spots a possible weakness but he won't know for sure until he got closer.  Listening to Darwin, he winced at the idea as he knew that the exposure would jeopardized the mission.  He considered a few options and puts forth some of his own, "Nicolaos, I don't know about Darwin's idea.  Normally, it'd be a good chance, however, they're going to be looking for intruders from the air.  I did see a possible weakness from here, however, I won't know until I get closer.  I'd also would like to circle the castle for better ways to get in.  My proposal is this:  I will dig under the weakly defended walls with two other people, Jimmy and someone who can sense magic.  I will have to dig slower than I normally do because of the need for silence.  I estimate that it'll take me a day of digging to get us into place."

He turned his head to the side and hawked and spat.  He turned back and said, "Another option is for me to set some explosives and bring a wall down.  That will also get us the opening we need."  He grinned with a little bit of pleasure.

Ishman followed silently, not giving much thought to plans. Soldiers executed the plans, they didn't plan them. With such a small force they would have to enter the fortress unseen and capture one of the gates, like Nicolaos was just explaining, to let the forces of Commander Haakon inside. But that was the last step in a plan not yet thought up.

But surely any plan would be better than Cathair's. Such an act would just enrage the people in the fortress, and forever taint the Duke Solius's reputation. People might bend the knee but they would never serve him faithfully.

But all these were matters of unimportance to Ishman. He did not care which side of the war he was on. He just wanted to be challenged. And this seemed like a perfect challenge.

Ishman picked up his back and slung it lazily on his back, in a loose fit. It wouldn't fall, but it could be shaken off easily if needed. He didn't want anything restraining his movements in the battle.

Acan took his own pack, and while listening silently to the ideas others were proposing he settled it on his back. None of them lacked in problems, to be sure, but he couldn't figure out anything amazing himself, considering what they were aiming to do, so he decided to stick to criticizing everything what had yet been suggested.
  "We have quite a bit of ground to cover in order to find the backdoor for a castle of that size. Darwin might be able to cover ground a lot quicker than the rest of us, but I have doubts it'll be really noticeable from air either. If it's indeed covered by an illusion or any other kind of magic, I might be able to break the spell, but I doubt such an amount of power would be used to that kind of magic that I could trace it from very far away."
  Acan gazed quickly along the walls of the fortress before he continued:
  "I also think it'll be quite a lot of work to find an unwatched and reachable corner to dig on, or even place explosives at around there, Harold. If we can actually reach close enough to the wall to start such an operation, I'll leave it to you though, friend", he continued with a slight smile, "So unless Nex has an idea on where to look, or maybe better means on tracing magic than I do, I actually have some doubts about this", he finished and shrugged.
  The man had decided he wouldn't really mind if they'd have to leave this job for someone else. He was never truly negative on his chances in anything, but he wasn't quite eager either this time either.


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