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Acan stared at the high walls of the castle with a thoughtful look on his face, leaning on his massive crossbow. In the impending darkness the massive structure was quite an intimidating sight, as well as somehow ominous. He was struck by a feeling that this job would be far from easy.

It looked like a challenge. Then again, he'd had his share of challenges in his quite eventful life. Hard to find anything worse than he'd already been through, the man concluded as was his habit. Or anything more dangerous than the people he was currently sticking with, for that matter. He wasn't eager to invade a castle with a group of a dozen, but he was no less calm than usual and as he heard Nicolaos speak he straightened slowly and set to follow the rest alongside Harold.

Cathair stood some distance from the rest of the group, silent apart from the tinkle of his chain mail in the light wind, he stared at the castle and camp, obviously slightly impatient. One hand slipped to a belt where he kept a small flask containing whatever swill passed for drink in this place, he uncorked the flask and took a long swig before swiftly replacing it upon his belt. He smirked as he watched another skirmish break out along the walls as the sky by the walls blackened under a hail of arrows and crossbow bolts as defender and besieger exchanged fire, muttering quietly to himself "Plenty of blood for the gods t'day"

He soon tired of watching the foreigners kill each-other and a trail of dust caught his eye, a raiding party leaving to harass the local villages, burn crops and generally damage the morale of the region. Cathair had managed to attach himself to a number of these raids and relieved his boredom for a few hours while the foreign dogs deliberated upon the best tactic to take the castle. Of course, Cathair had already suggested a cunning strategy, to find the families of the men in the fortress and kill them, one by one, before firing the bloated corpses into the castle to spread terror and disease... The others believed it unnecessarily cruel.

Cathair shook his head and his hand moved to a silver chain around his neck, his fingers brushed the pendant before he tenderly gripped it slowly pulling it up into his vision. The pendant was carved in the shape of a Howling wolf, the detail so intricate, so deep that one would swear that it was a real wolf, that one could count the number of hairs upon it's face, that one could hear it's howl in the night. If one looked closely at the metalwork, the detail, the design, small blood red veins, so tiny only the most observant would notice them could be seen criss crossing the wolfs fur, adding detail, making it seem alive. Cathair eyed it for a few moments quietly, a small smile on his lips as he uttered a prayer in his native tongue. "Is mian liom mo chuid fola leis an mac tíre, mar a rinne mo shinsir os mo chomhair, i súil déanfaidh sé treoir dom, liom a chosaint, agus deontas an chumhacht dom a mharú go léir a bheadh ​​ag leomh seasamh ar an mbealach ar ár gcinniúint" as he spoke he went down on one knee, pulling his knife from his boot and quietly pulling it over hand that grasped the pendant, watching the blood soak the wolf as he closed his hand over the pendant, looking up at the sky and murmuring "Is é an comhaontú a rinneadh "

As he finished his ritual he saw Nicolaos approach and slowly rose to his feet, letting go of his blood soaked pendant and sliding back within his shirt, his hand dripping blood slowly upon the floor. He nodded at Nicolaos and murmured quietly "I'm ready aye." leaving his still bleeding hand at his side as he turned to leave with the rest of the group.


I watch as Nicolas leaves our little 'camp' as he walks towards the main tent of Solius's army. I can only wonder what he's gotten us into again.

I sit down, content to watch the stars as the night sky rolls by in it's vast expanse. A few clouds cover some of the stars as they travel across. The constellations aren't bright as they had been during my days in the mountains. Tonight, they were blocked out by too much light from the many fires surrounding this compound we were going to infiltrate.

I had listened to Cathair's 'strategy' only to dismiss it openly.

"Unnecessary," I had told him. "Too much for so little."

Some had nodded in agreement, others ignored him anyway. I can't really imagine why you'd have to kill then launch their dead corpses over the walls just to take out the rest. It should be clear that once the fort was taken, Solius's army would take care of stragglers. We didn't need any more attention brought on ourselves. We were already putting up with his vulgar ritual. He should really just keep it at that.

Ishman was meditating. Acan was staring at the high walls. Darwin had just come back from... something. Looking at us, you wouldn't think we were a group with deadly efficiency. You wouldn't think we were a group that followed orders to the dot of an 'i'.

But I guess that's what we are. Too long had passed since I last fought in such a battle. The pay was high, the job expectancy was higher. Would I have to go all out or would I just end up mechanically killing once again? Walking through group after group, taking out as much as possible with as little exertion as possible. Would I have to use my Ki again? Or would I just depend on my learned skill from seven years ago?

Would thoughts of her distract me or push me forward?

I watch as Nicolas walks back towards us, his hand making gestures to prepare. Of course, he knew we were already prepared.

"Let's go."

I pull on the hilt of my blade and strap it to my side. I safely adjust my glasses so they won't fall off in the battle.

It would be a too short of a night to let go of the years behind me.

It was as if death was standing amongst them. If you looked carefully, you could see a tall figure whose existence felt out of place. It was as if his being there was breaking some laws, his presence there being weird. In the Wings of Hall, this presence was not normally "felt". If you didn't know about him, you probably didn't notice him, like a presence in the back of your eye.

This tall figure however bore a name, a name that was forced upon him by the people. Nex Addo was one of the members of the group. His presence was being hidden by magic that Nex Addo usually keeps around him in order to hide his presence.

Nex had seen Nicolaos go off to meet the commander, and while waiting for the result, he stared at the dark structure that lay over his eyes, the great fortress Beil.

Nex was old, really old, and looking at the fortress he started reminiscing on the days when this fortress was built. The fortress did not have a happy story behind it, as it was built when chaos and corruption lay on these lands. Under his breath, Nex said in a low tone: "It's been a while, Beil."

When Nicolaos finally came out from the tent, he said 2 words Nex had been waiting for: "Let's go". Nex knew full well how strong this structure is and breaking into it is going to prove to be quite the challenge. The thought of that brought a slight smile on Nex's face, something that suprised himself.

Nex didn't really like the group he was in and most of the time he kept to himself in the back line. The battles are not his problem. The outcome doesn't matter to Nex because this was not his time. He existed on a whole different times, and for him, this was merely some ants fighting it out. Whether a battle went one way or another did not change Nex's situation or position. However he felt that he should mention one thing to Nicolaos before they went on their mission.

With that thought in mind, Nex caught up with Nicolaos and said: "I thought you should know that there are empty pockets inside the bridge and under it. I don't know if it is there to contain explosives but if the bridge should fall, we are going to need another way out," in a low voice so the others couldn't hear. Before finally leaving Nicolaos side, he added: "I'd be damned if I am to build a new one using earth magic," and with that he left his side.

Nex, thinking as he saw the structure that maybe he should just sit this one out. The thought of challenging the great Beil did however cross his mind.

As Nicolaos walked off to talk to the Commander, Jimmy threw himself onto the ground to relax.  As he was lying on his back he was thinking about how he and Nex could have one of there sneaky contests during the invasion of the fortress of Beil.

After a few minutes of lying down Jimmy suddenly sat bold upright. "Damn my katana's are dirty" he complained. He whipped out a cloth and started to polish his beloved blades. While he was polishing his blades he was musing over Cathair's plan. "I cant believe he would even suggest a plan like that. Its not right killing women and children"

Just as he had finished polishing his blades and sheathing his daggers Nicolaos walked out of the Commanders tent. When he heard Nicolaos say "Let's go" a smile slowly spread across Jimmy's face. This was going to be a huge challenge and he loved a good challenge.


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