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Ishman studied his companions silently, especially Nex, who seemed to have forgotten the bloody arrow shaft near him. Very interesting indeed. Should I ever fight him, I will kill him quickly, he decided.

"Shall we continue?" Ishman asked out loud, not really expecting an answer. It's not like they were going back because of scraped knees.

Fiona poured a bit of water from a small gourd she kept at her hip onto the wound, washing away blood and dirt. She examined the cut in the dim light but it did not seem deep nor did it interfere with the use of her hand. Tearing a strip of cloth from her already-ragged cloak - I really need to get a new one. - She wrapped it around the injured hand and tied the bandage off. It would do for now. It was best to save the healer's strength for more serious wounds. "Perhaps," Fiona suggested drily, "Our rogue should lead the way so we can avoid further inconvenience?"

Cathair grunted in an annoyed manner and lowered his shield, eyeing the arrow sticking out of it and bringing his arm down hard on the shaft, snapping it and pulling the head out from his shield "Bloody careless..." he muttered, mostly to himself as he looked around at the rest of the group, they seemed mostly unharmed, well, nobody was lying on the floor in a pool of their own blood screaming to their gods for mercy, which in Cathair's books that meant everyone was okay. A shame really, he would have rather liked Aiden to catch a bolt in the throat.

He turned his head to look at Fiona and a smirk crossed his lips and he turned to look at the rest of the group, saying gruffly "Aye. We could do with some 'uman shields up front. It'd save me own shield from gettin' any more holes in it." his tone actually somewhat serious as he looked at his battered scarred shield, one hand tracing the hole in it as he finished speaking, his expression one of annoyance.

After those who were injured shrugged off their pain, Estia calmly said "A brave group of heroes shouldn't be stalled by such petty traps. Let's continue moving." Then walked purposefully to the front of the pack, continuing on, hoping that someone would follow her lead and start the pack up again.

Everyone seemed to be alright aside a few minor scratches so Acan shrugged and prepared to continue. He decided to stay at the back of the group again, since he didn't have the time to watch for traps, as he was tracing for magic in the near vicinity. He was getting an ominous feeling, which got even stronger as he glanced at Nex who seemed even more removed from the world than usual, so he felt the need to be extremely careful for anything magical.


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