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Nicolaos stared at his fist for a while. The knuckles were starting to bleed a little. What the hell am I doing? It's not like me to get all emotional so easily. This place must be affecting me, I don't like it. He shook his head as if to shake off the frustration, and turned to face the others.

"Right, let's continue. Jimmy, please take the lead. You're more used to spotting traps."

The further into the mountain they advanced, the colder it became. It was a bit unnatural, in fact, and Nicolaos started suspecting that magic was at play.

"Now would you look at that..." he muttered, when they finally reached a natural cave. It was a pretty large one, and it didn't seem to have a floor at all. Only a narrow bridge - perhaps not completely natural one - connected them to the other side. Crystals glowing beautiful but eerie blue light were everywhere, some even on the bridge, but most were on the ceiling. All in all, it was quite an impressive sight.

Hollow nyan-chan:
When the wound was healed, it itched a bit but Lissa didn't pay attention to it and stood up. After picking up her  sword, she walked to the others as they had started to move further into the tunnel.

As they got further into the tunnel Lissa could feel the air changing, it felt a bit out of place since it was in a tunnel she thought, but as they kept going they reached a natural cave she didn't think much of it anymore. Lissa was amazed at the sight of the cave, and the thought of how long this tunnel and cave is.
That which Lissa could see in the cave was partially covered with crystals that were glowing with a mysterious blue light. "Beautiful" she said with a small smile on the face and then she focused on the narrow bridge to see if there was any visible hinders such as traps or something else.


"It's a beautiful cave," he murmured.

And those crystals on the ceiling are interesting. Did they reflect light from an unknown source? Did they produce it themselves? No, that's not right. Inanimate objects don't have the ability to form their own source of energy...

Is it a chemical reaction? No, no! They'd just instantly deform into nothing! And chemical reactions don't just happen without their being some sort of catalyst mixing with the crystal itself at all times. Was it internal?

Ack. He'd just ignore them.

You don't question the pretty things in life.

Ishman ignored the pretty lights. The warrior monk was only interested in developing his abilities, and pretty lights were about as useful in combat as a single feather. Which is to say, none at all.

Besides, the monastery was a top a large(ish) mountain, and the view was, quite literally since the air was slightly lighter there, breathtaking. Though Ishman only though so because of it's defensive capabilities. A score of grandmas could hold the monastery for days. A small army of warrior monks? For eternity.

"We should start heading upwards soon." Ishman declared, as if no one else would have figured that out. Warrior monks, real assholes the lot of them.

Nex dragged his ragged body forward. His body didn't exist and this earthly body was only a carrier. Yet despite the pain and weakness in his body, his mind was far from being weak. Feeling the looming omnipresence all around only made his curiosity grow.

Finally they got to the cave's opening, and the view was quite something. The glow the crystals were emitting provided a peaceful illuminance. The light was only visible to the naked eye, but there was something else. Nex could feel his pain slightly fade. From this illuminance, Nex slowly straightened himself up and opened his arms, as if trying to catch the rays from the crystals. Embracing it even.

"Well that's a rare sight," Nex said out loud. During all his travels, to come upon these crystals here? A very rare encounter.


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