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Where do you host your main domain ,the ""? what about the files for IRC downloading service?

Do you use a dedicated server for both or a shared one for the "" and a dedicated for the IRC downloads or what?

(Do you get any trouble with copy rights and such crap?)

Sorry for the sudden rain of questions but where ever I go around reading in WebHosting and FileHosting policies I see hell a lot of crazy stuff and that it might lead to the dropping of the contract and the money ,no matter how much it is, (going "水の泡") goes to waste without refunds. I have been looking for an answer for a while now but found nothing.

It would be great if Holo-san or someone could answer me.


google kimsufi. All my servers are hosted there.

You didn't really answer my questions but thanks anyways that helped.  :)

If it's of any help or anything, I host my own website (I use a DynDNS address, and redirect it to my own computer).

I haven't looked into this subject much, but I would love to be able to just be able to use my own .com address, and just redirect it to my IP (most things I see allow you to get a .com address but the files are hosted on THEIR server)

I am not sure what you mean. You can get your own .com address; you just have to register it somewhere and redirect it to your website's server.

For me, getting a shared server on one of those hosting services is ideal but the problem is will I get any trouble with copy rights? it is not like I am going to provide direct download from the hosting server or anything but still in all the policies that I have read they say it is possible for them to cancel the contract if I posted copy righted materials without refund. I don't want to pay for three years and get canceled half way.


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