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Clannad Man:
Remember when there used to be a dozen different polls on the main page?  How about when Holo first decided to create a site blog?  Perhaps were you here since the beginning of Doki? 

Members of the Doki family came to this site at various times from all around the world.  As Doki Fansubs celebrates its Second Anniversary, we would like to know more about the members of our community, their interests, and the reasons for initially coming to Doki.  We hope that by learning more about you, Doki can continue to provide optimum content and enjoyment to all the members of its community.

The Humble Roots of Doki - circa October, 2008

Please feel free to describe your initial impressions of the site and how those might have changed over time.  Thank you for your participation and continued support!

From a DDL forum -- you know, those forums whose members give out tons of DDL links for them to gain money from those DDL sites. I lurked there in the Anime uploader's section until the day I asked myself why I never looked closely at their filenames -- they have those other text in front of the actual name of the anime series. I started looking at those [Eclipse], [gg], [Coalguys], [SS], [SFW], [Nutbladder], [UTW], [Conclave], [Menclave], etc. -- whatever they were, I thought. I didn't know back then.

Google and I became partners and through his help, I figured out how fansub groups work. However, before I ever came to the sites of these groups, I first started appreciating the work of those japanese voice actors and of those in the fansub groups. I never downloaded English-dubbed stuff since then. A time nonetheless came when I realized I have to check those fansub groups' sites to know more about them. This was when I first visited Doki.

A while later, I became more aware about which groups frequently drop projects (which I hate), the ones frequently making grammar mistakes (irks me a little), the ones using Engrish (Ah.. *ahem* ...yako), and those who don't even know the terms in the show they're doing (still Ah-Yuck-Oh).

Frankly, back then I just sorted out fansub groups into "good" and "bad" categories. When the world wasn't so black and white anymore, ranks sort of formed and Doki quickly rose to the top of my list of favourite fansub groups. This is the time when I joined the forums.

I've been here pretty much since the beginning - since they started subbing Haruka S2. I was looking around for a decent sub group for that anime, and somehow ended up here. I don't exactly remember how. I was just a lurker back then, though, I only "joined the community" when the first forum was opened - I used to be the top poster there, until that forum went down. :( I started using the C-box even later.

I like the community here. Most people here are nice and sensible. I also appreciate the facts that Doki provides steady quality, doesn't drop shows, and doesn't troll. I think I'll be here for as long as Doki exists.

Hanover Fist:
I started visiting the Doki site very early on, 2-3 episodes into Haruka's Secret s2. At first it was just to check out a new fansub group and see if I wanted to follow them. Over time Doki has earned my trust with good subs & styles, consistent releases and no dropped series. I've never exclusively followed any one group and I'm not very picky when it comes to shows I'm only mildly interested in. However when it comes to shows I really like and want to archive I want the best I can find for the HD space I'm willing to use [3.4 TB of video, ~2 TB of that anime, most 480p, 720p more often in the last couple years]. There's always some show(s) each season where I'm following Doki.

I became more involved in the community when the first forum went up. I made a couple forays into the C-Box when the forum was down to fill the void, but chat boxes/rooms just aren't my thing. I'm a creature of habit and have been using some of my archaic tools [NyaaTorrents, BakaUpdates, Mininova, Isohunt ...] for finding fansubs for years. However, even this old dog has learned some new tricks [DDL sites, BakaBT], thanks to some of the posts I've read here.

I enjoy the relatively troll- and spam-free environment and I'm having fun with the games. I also greatly look forward to the translated Tomoyo After VN. While I do my best to wait patiently and not clamor for updates on when something is going to come out, a very rough ETA on Tomoyo After would be appreciated. ;)

Thank you much for all of your hard work over the years and I'll continue to follow your releases in the future.

I came when I discovered they were subbing Ano Hana much better than this other group.

And the? Well, it's technically history but that was about 5 months ago. So...


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