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Guess the Anime... music.

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Quick overview:

* Clip needs to be less than 500KB.
* Only .mp3 and .mka files can be uploaded to attachments.
* Background music, OP, ED or insert only. No character songs from CDs that are not included in the actual anime.
* Try to remove all the details from the clip, such as track name, artist, etc. Muxing the mp3 clip in mkvtoolnix should remove any details and can be played in MPC.
* Winner goes next.
I'll start.

Hint? :P It sounds familiar, but I've seen sooo much anime.  ???

OP from a magic show... 2007.

I have a feeling I am definitely wrong but all I can think of instantly is Nanoha nothing else comes to mind after hearing that.


Hint #2: Noah was good at building part of the title.


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