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There's been quite a few of these pop up over the last year or two, in varying degrees.

I'm curious to know as to what our members or our downloaders think in general about the genre.

The explicitness has been gauged by a lot of different anime.

KissXSis - Extremely ecchi but not blood related.

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai - Very innocuous, usually carrying hints at best, but revolving around blood relation.

Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! - Very ecchi again, along the same lines as KissXSis, but less sisters.

Yosuga no Sora - While a lot of the series revolved around relationships with other girls, the final arc dealt directly, and in a very explicit fashion, with blood related incest between siblings.

Aki-Sora - Trying to be serious, failing, basically hentai but without the genitalia.

I, myself, am a huge fan of Ore no Imouto, I'm also quite fond of KissXSis and Onii-chan no koto. I find the way that the genre is presented in ones like YnS and Aki-Sora to be far too over the top and in your face.

Your thoughts?

Agree with Akashic, but imo as long as the anime is good I don't really care about incest or not lol

Hanover Fist:
@Akashic of the ones you mentioned, OreImo is also my favorite.

With all the different spins on the subject it seems like everybody wanted to cash in on the genre in the same year. It was a little too much at once for my liking. By the time Onii-chan no Koto came around, I was tired of the theme.

An older series Koi Kaze (2004) was interesting in how seriously it took the matter. It had a lot more drama than the lighthearted recent examples of the genre.

I found KissXsis, Onii-chan and Yosuga No Sora all very entertaining, because i've honestly had such thoughts myself. (I don't have a sister, but i honestly wish i did, could never follow through with incest though.) Can you guys also explain what happened at the end of YnS? I thought they died in the lake..

Apparently Sora managed to get them to shore, which is where Haru wakes up, after that it cuts to the rest meeting on way to school talking.

Turns out Haru and Sora went somewhere else to start over a new life together.


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