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A simple idea really.

A discussion about manga that received anime adaptions.

I commonly hear people saying that the anime wasn't as good as the manga.

The most recent and common example for me is Nichijou, which I've heard is quite inferior to its manga predecessor.

What are other manga that have received anime adaption, and was the anime really inferior?

I think that Bakuman's anime is inferior to the manga. The anime was really slowly paced, maybe like a chapter per episode which is ridiculously slow. Wait, I guess that means the manga wasn't better per say... The anime just sucked. xD

I think the Air Gear anime is way to rushed, and ended without much of a continue, never to be seen a second season, in wich, the manga, is still going on, being awesome :<

i would say Yumekui merry, they did follow the manga in like the first 7 to 8 episodes, and then they strayed from it with a different story than the manga, but i still liked the anime despite that.^^

Blue Exorcist. The episodes have been great so far but I'm afraid of what will happen to it when they get too close to the monthly adaptions.

We don't need another FMA indecent. Hell, they should have at least waited until chapter 50...


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