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There's been a decreasing amount of this in anime production as of late.

It seems like a lot of anime released the past few years have been manga adaptions, eroge/VN adaptions, sequels to other popular anime.

Personally, I've enjoyed a lot of the adaptions. Some of my favourite anime are visual novel or manga adaptions. Examples like Clannad, Minami-ke and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni come to mind.

My question is, have people been enjoying the adaptions? Or perhaps the consensus is that we need more original, straight to anime material?

I'm happy with adaptions but I do want to see more original animes because if all anime is based on adaptions, they will run out of things sooner or later and the anime industry will be littered with fillers.

Hanover Fist:
Even if they were adaptations, I've almost always found the anime first and then occasionally looked up the manga or VN afterward. My one exception was reading a few chapters of Usagi Drop online last year (?) and it was a strange sensation of deja vu watching that first ep.

I like and approve of original content, but my opinion won't have much effect on the industry as a whole, where sales figures and money dominate.

Two recent adaptations I thought good were Amagami SS and Yosuga no Sora. I liked their flows in how they went back and followed the different routes rather than trying to meld all of the routes into one indecisive protagonist. I also liked how the YnS TV airing only went back to the last save point rather than all the way to the start. While I enjoyed Shuffle as an anime, the protagonist came across as more likeable when the routes and emotions were distinct in the VN.

I think people enjoying adaptations. Aside from it is animated, the anime is what the expected to be from what they read/played. There are some anime that other people say the VN or the manga is better than the anime because it does'nt lived up to their expectation. But what the heck, its business.

But I like to see an original, straight to anime material. Although it is more challenging in a way because you've got to think of the story, the plot and other things.

Isn't No. 6 original? I haven't heard or seen a manga/VN/game/book about it so...

I could have missed something though...


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