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Hello and good day. I am not so sure if i'm allowed to post this thread. (please excuse and delete it if you want). But I do not know where else to ask this question.
It seems like earlier, fileserve began a massive purge of files from their servers. I notice it when i tried to download some new anime episode hosted on fileserve.
Seeing this recurring problem again, i got a little scared. I checked a few other recent links and same problem. After a while, i checked out 2 series from this site from 2010 and earlier, and one from last year. All showed the same message (Shown below). Therefore my question is: Will Doki fansubs be re-uploading them to another file host or not?
Of course i would like fileserve to return the feature for the public to download it freely (Hopefully), but in my eyes at the moment and probably in future cases this might not be so.
Anyway feel free to delete this thread if it violates any of the forum rules. Sorry for posting this, but i was really looking forward to downloading previous Doki releases. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year.

Hanover Fist:
@mrclosedeyes aah, I see from the comments there that you've already found the post on the Doki main site:

Sad that all the DDL sites are dropping like flies.  :(

Yeah. I saw the announcement go up a little after opening this thread.
This has cause me concern as many good anime DDL links at my favorite websites are gone. I hope Doki can manage to save all their older releases.
Other than that, i wish Fileserve will turn back to the way it used to be. It seems like a lot of popular filehosts has hit the panic button. :(

Most, if not all of the old releases are available via:


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