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I heard about a VN called Bloody Rondo recently, the first game made by 3rdeye  :P
Somebody translate this Please!  ^-^

Here's a link to some info on it!

V Clicky Clicky V

^ Clicky Clicky ^

P.S. If anybody has tried this before, give me a review  :)

I've been meaning to give it a try. I found a review here, and it sounds fairly interesting. I doubt you'll find a willing translator here, but you could always use AGTH and Atlas translator (just google them if you don't know). If you use another translator for a "second opinion", you should get understandable results. Though it's a lot of work if you don't understand much Japanese, it's still worth it if the VN is actually good.

Good review, makes me want a translation all the more!  ;)
The feedback on the music was shocking tho, I don't see many 9/10 ratings on the soundtracks alone.

Thanks for the info on the translator!  :P

You will probably be very hard pressed to find a translator for this title.

It's not particularly high profile, and it's a bit above average title at best.  Even the best and highest profile titles are quite hard pressed to find translators, and there are plenty of visual novels either better or higher profile then this particular title which remain untranslated which would be more attractive projects to many translators. 

Not to say that there will be no one out there who would translate this, but it's not exactly a title which one would expect to see a translation of.


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