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You awaken in the middle of the park. It’s nearly dawn. You wonder to yourself, “How did I get here?” And then memory comes rushing back.

Last night, you had gone for a walk, and encountered someone in trouble. Unthinking, you had gone to their aid, and were offered a gift in thanks. “Alas,” they told you, “You have aided a denizen of hell.” It turns out that a gift from an evil being is actually a curse upon your mortal self.

Your soul now belongs to a demon, and your body has been warped and changed. Will the curse twist your mind as well? Will you become a slave to your curse, or will you master it? Can you find your way out of the darkness that has come from Evil’s Gratitude?

World and Background
Our stories will be set in two areas: The Real World and the Dark City. Please note the location you will be set before beginning of your post to avoid confusion. The Dark City is a portion of hell that is ruled by the devil that has cursed each human character. Minor demons inhabit this area, as do those humans who have completely succumbed to their curse, and these individuals may help or hinder your efforts.

Hell is divided into several sectors, each ruled by its own devil. These devils are constantly battling one another for power and territory, using the souls of humans they have cursed, as well as their minor demon minions. The devil who is most involved here seeks a champion to fight for him and destroy his rivals within and outside his realm. People are drawn randomly into the Dark City, and are randomly sent back to the real world. Whether this is caused by wandering portals or purely the machinations of the devil is uncertain. It may even be both.

As another plot aspect, human characters who meet one another may send emails to one another as part of the story. You may use these as introductions or conclusions to your posts. This section may or may not become a separate section.

Technical Info
This is not a D&D style roleplay, but purely story-telling. There are no dice and no stats, but rather, you tell the story in the style of a novel where your character is the protagonist. We're all telling the same tale from different perspectives. Because of the settings, each of our characters should be in some way useful to the group: powerful, intelligent, possessing some essential skill, whatever you come up with. Your common sense (and my judgement) shall be the limit to how powerful your character can be. Your character may be human or demon, or even a half breed or angel if you so choose, but know that your character isn't invincible. This is our Out-of-Character thread, everything but the RP itself goes here, including your characters. I'll create a separate thread for the RP.

Guidelines (As presented by Krozam)
- I am the Game Master, and my word is the law.
- There's no need to limit yourself to one character, but don't create more than you can comfortably control. As the GM I'll take care of the NPC's (Non-Player Character) important to the plot, but you can create your own. If you have ideas for NPCs, we can talk.
- Joining in the middle of the game is quite possible. The game is open to all.
- No god-modding. This means that you only control your own characters (unless given permission). For example, if two Player Characters fight, the receiver will decide if the hit connects or not.
- Write in the past tense and 3rd person.
- Try to keep the OOC talk in this topic, but if you must say something OOC in the game thread, use ((double parenthesis)).
- Use your common sense
- Be respectful towards the other players. I thought this was obvious, but apparently some people need reminding.

Character sheet - Please submit your characters in this format:
Name: Please include your character's name and [screen name] for email/text communications. Please include the brackets. This is a nickname/codename for characters to refer to each other, and should refer to their curse or other major trait.
Race: Please note that angels, demons, and half-breeds will be limited.
Curse: Your character will have gained some sort of power from the devil, but this curse must also be a major flaw/weakness. As noted in the introduction, it can twist body, mind, or both. Use your imaginations, but try not to go too wild! >:D
Background/Sample RP: This can be simple or elaborate, but I would like to see around 100 words minimum.

The Bestiary
This area will be updated as new creatures are encountered within Dark City.

The "People"- They are humanoid in form, but lack color an possess no faces. They may be lost souls or simple constructs meant to reflect the real city. They pay little attention to their environment, however, they can become violent when touched by other beings. They will develop glowing points of red light where the eyes would be, and a large, fanged mouth that stretches from ear to ear.

Shield Heads- These are minor demons and have limited intelligence. As their name implies, they have shield-shaped heads which they use to headbutt each other in a manner similar to mountain goats. Despite their large heads, these beings have spindly limbs and bodies, with long-fingered hands which are surprisingly strong. Methods of attack include a headlong charge, close-range headbutting, and utilizing the shape of their heads to amplify a roar into sonic waves. These monsters often practice cannibalism.

Spore Slime- These beings are barely sentient. They coat surfaces, growing like moss or mold, and wait for prey to come into range. Slimes are rather like amoebas in that they absorb their prey and slowly digest them alive. Methods of attack include paralyzing spores, flinging slime, and simple ambush.

Sorrow- This type of demon feeds upon sadness and low self-esteem. They will whisper into the minds of their prey, seeking out insecurities and other negative thoughts/emotions, bringing them to the fore. They appear most often as humanoid females, though they occasionally take male form. Their psychic attack is usually brought about through touch or eye contact, so while the psychological assault can be debilitating, it is usually straightforward and unhidden. They will try to drive their prey to self-harm or suicide so that they may feed on the final spurt of psychic energy. Very powerful Sorrows need only a line of sight to their prey, but thankfully, they are rare.

Name: Alumina "Mina" Stone - [Ice_Queen]
Age: 20
Race: Human

Appearance: Due to her curse, she appears to have patches of colorful scales or beads in her skin. Her eyes are hazel, changing color ranging from amber to blue depending on her mood. She generally hides her face with a scarf or hood, as the “scales” tend to freak people out. 

Curse: Crystal Resonance - Her body is partially crystallized, giving her a scaly/beaded appearance. The crystallization also has a tendency to cause a sort of paralysis at times. Mina is slowly learning to manipulate these crystals and mold them into tools and weapons. She has developed a talent in which the crystals in her body vibrate in such a way that she can use them to cut through just about anything. The vibrations can also cause electromagnetic phenomena, which can slightly affect electronic and metal objects, etc.

Background/Sample RP:  She wiped her face with her arm, grimacing at the slight sound of crystal scraping together. Her sour expression brightened somewhat as she gazed at the completed pendant. One convenience of having crystal in her was the nearly endless supply of material to make jewelry. She thought she was doing pretty well, running her business on the internet and occasionally attending artisan fairs to show off her wares. She laced her fingers together, then turned them palm out, pushing forward slightly as she raised her arms to stretch the limbs and fingers. “Good thing I finished already. Even stretching won’t stop this spasm,” she muttered. Standing, Mina took the necklace and set it in a special padded box, before stepping into a carpeted room bare of furnishings. She had learned early on that just as suddenly as these fits of tense paralysis came on, they could end, resulting in her body uncoiling powerfully enough to break furniture...or impale a person, she remembered with a shudder. She locked the door, and lay down in the center of the floor, trying to relax for as long as possible before she froze once more.


Name: Vel'Nortin aka "Norton". [Bartender]
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon

Appearance While he takes many guises, Norton's favorite persona is that of the unassuming Bartender. He is dark-skinned, with blue streaks on his face and body, and has pointed ears. His white hair is often covered by a bowler hat, and his outfit appears like that of an old-fashioned bartender: Crisp white shirt, red buttoned vest, dark slacks and shiny black shoes. He carries a cane to add further dignity to his gentlemanly look.

When being devilish, he appears in a white suit and hat, with the only splash of color being a pink pocket handkerchief. Why pink? Nobody knows.

Curse: The Box: This is the key to Vel'Nortin's curses. A box of mysterious origins, it can only be opened by a human, who is then cursed with a seemingly random effect. He cannot use the box himself, however. He is not particularly strong, and relies more on plots than his own power.

Background: He is the devil, the head honcho, and ruler of this small sector of Hell. He discovered a box among his predecessor's possessions. Unable to open the box, he took it to the physical world to get rid of it, hoping to cause a bit of havoc. A human opened the box and activated its power, becoming the first of the Cursed. Brilliant! He continued to experiment for a time, discovering its limitations. Now he uses the Box in search of a Champion to defend his realm and to challenge the other devil bosses so he may expand his territory. Vel'Nortin disguises himself as Norton, the owner of a popular bar in the Dark City. In this manner, he can observe his prospective champions and "advise" them in what to do. He has a few favorites already, but whether they break or grow stronger, he wins.

Sounds like an RPG with some delicious dark potential. I got an awesome character idea, so I guess I'll have to join. :P

Name: Xu Bai - [Reaper426]
Age: 32
Race: Human/Reaper

Curse: Soul Collector - Upon sensing the presence of death, Bai transforms into a Reaper, an ethereal, hooded skeleton carrying a scythe. (So not at will, at least for now, though he can exert his willpower to prevent the transformation.) He's compelled to seek out the dying or the recently dead, and take their souls. He eats every fourth soul and delivers the rest to his master, the devil that cursed him. That is their agreement. The eaten souls sustain him, their energy keeps him alive, healthy and young in his normal human form. In his Reaper form he's invisible to normal people, he can walk through walls and he's very difficult to destroy. However, he must continuously hunt for souls, otherwise he starts showing signs of aging (despite his quite young age), and he'll die if left without souls for a prolonged time, a couple of months. Another, rather ironic, weakness is that he cannot kill anyone who isn't already at death's door by a cause other than him. He's a powerful fighter, he could leave most humans and low-level demons in a really bad shape (though not in a shape that'd cause death unavoidably or within hours), but he's physically unable to deliver the finishing blow and take the soul. Additionally, being undead is really unpleasant and pretty muich kills his emotions. It feels like dying - in fact, it is dying. He needs to die and kill frequently in order to keep living.

Background/Sample RP: Bai used to be a high-ranking member of a Hong Kong -based triad organization, Sun Yee On. As a talented, intelligent lad with a strong personality he rose to the position at a very young age, only 26. However, soon he was diagnosed with a fatal, incurable illness. It would have killed him before he reached 30, but he happened to help a devil, who offered him a job that could save his life. The devil transformed him into a "Reaper", a collector of souls. He had to leave the triad, it was too difficult to hide his secret and explain the disappearance of his illness. Naturally, one doesn't just leave a criminal organization: after almost 3 years, he's still on the run and has to actively avoid the triad.

Other stuff:
His human form (ignore the dragon):

For his Reaper form, I found two great pics, I couldn't decide which one is better. The first one is appropriately ethereal, while the second one is better artistically and I like his arrogant pose.

I don't feel like controlling a major NPC in this game, so unless someone wants to play her, ignore the girl. Could be interesting if someone did play her... <.<

And here's his theme music: Lordi - Kalmageddon

Name: Sen Sytheris [BriarHeart]
Age: 16
Race: Reincarnated Fury(Custom Race)
Curse: Retaining the Furys natural resistance to heat, pressure, and flame, as well as the berserk ability when effected to an emotional extreme, hindrances have been added as well. Sen, whom never did learn how to swim, is deathly afraid of water in any quantity more then a puddle or bucket, and while she is immune to naturally occurring fire, divine or demonic fire can still burn her-though it is less effective then it would be on other creatures, and Sens naturally Fury strength, endurance, and spiritual connections have been removed/severed.
Background/Sample RP: The Furys were a small, but proud race of human like warriors centuries ago, back when witches were not a myth, but a true danger, and vampires prowled the earth in the open. One such Vampire, Tylas Lupin, took it upon himself to destroy the Furys and claim their most treasured ceremonial weapons as trophies-and he succeeded through deception, and some well placed betrayal within the largest Fury village. Few Furys survived the destruction of their village, and those that did either integrated into human cities and deluded their genes, or died.

Sen specifically survived-only to be killed a few years later by Tylas during an unfortunate run in with the vampire. Who knows why she was returned to the world of the living after so much time? as far as she knows, she just woke up in a park, with false memories and a new black mark burning and itching at her neck, like a demonic hickey.. (Ew!)

(( Side Note: Vampires can be either: A type of Demon, or a Creature of the natural world. Up to Shion. ))


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