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As many of you know, I'm learning Japanese. Manga translation is still a bit hard for me, but I'm doing it occasionally as practise. I thought I'd make a topic where I'll post my translations. For now, I only have this one vanilla H-manga I recently finished, and one Yuru Yuri short, but there will be more.

In One Step, a sweet H-manga by Tohgarashi Hideyu:
My thanks to kenjinsakura, who kindly helped me with the more difficult lines.

A Yuru Yuri short:
Again, kenjin helped me with a few lines. There are some problems with this, and I intend to eventually redo this.

Here's a new one:

My Little Pet, a cute vanilla by Yuuki Shin:
(Link removed)
Kenjin helped me with a few difficult lines, but this time I almost made it on my own, lol.

Dropbox DL link, because the magazine where that story was published is now blacklisted in E-hentai: http://goo.gl/CYguGu

Unhappy Now Year, a cute one-shot about two neighbours who have a rather good ending to a bad year, by Comeon Showme:
Thanks again to kenjin for helping me with a couple of difficult lines.

Childhood Princess ch 1, by Komiya Yuuta. I have a weakness for blonde ojou-samas...
Dropbox DL link: http://goo.gl/GfRRuw
There is a sequel, and I'll be working on it next.

Childhood Princess ch 2 finally released...


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