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Haxton Fale:
Good day, Doki fellows!As some of you know, I am currently trying to develop a gallery engine that will serve as a Dokibooru. The work is progressing (slowly, but still), with a more or less clear set of goals.
You can find the gallery itself here. You can search for tags or exclude them by adding - at the start. You can also search for rating (safe, questionable, explicit or unrated) using a rating:<rating> term.
While the work definitely is progressing, I could use all kinds of help, not only with the code itself. Specifically, it's tagging images! Out of 4842 images, there are 4450 untagged ones and they need to be taken care of.
You can find general tagging guidelines here.
Working features:

* Tag and rating search
* Tag editing
* Tag types
* Tag listTODO list:

* Accounts
* Uploading
* Complete layout
* Comments
* Administrative panel
* Tag type editing
* Tag info pagesIf you have any ideas, questions, problems, contact me either through this forum itself, PM, IRC (you can always leave a memo) or my mail - HaxtonFale[at]


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