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Tomoyo After Error Thread.


Unless British English is used, the following lines should probably be changed. (I'll go through it again for false positives that only exist in British English.)
Unless I am specifically asked not too, I'll update this post as I play through the game.
I am playing the game on Mac OS X through RLVM. For the most part, punctuation errors are ignored, since unicode punctuation rarely appears as intended.

Corrections found in [these brackets] can probably be ignored due to the fact that British English is used.

There may be spoilers; I just don't know how to get these corrections to the upper staff.

July 2nd (Friday) - "Tomoyo shouts in a lovely voice one could hear from the neighbor room." --> ???
This seems to be a localization issue - "neighbor room" is a somewhat antiquated phrase. "Family Room" or "neighboring room" would probably be a better choice. (Although, Tomoya's house is probably too small to have a designated Family/Living room.)

July 2nd (Friday) - "Since it's the week end, Tomoyo cooks and we eat altogether." --> "Since it's the weekend, Tomoyo cooks and we eat [altogether]."
Weekend is a commonly used phrase, and should be used when appropriate.
The following correction probably does not to be made, since the localization was made in British English.
Since there is only one noun (a collective first-person pronoun: we) in the third clause, the adverb's prefix (how many: al) does not need to refer to a number; "together" is sufficient.

July 2nd (Friday) - "Ah, you admited that I'm your little brother." --> "Ah, you admitted that I'm your little brother."
admited should be admitted; no explanation should be necessary. (In general, when a suffix is added to a verb that ends in "t", the "t" should be doubled.)

July 2nd (Friday) - "Right, how about you got a girlfriend too?" --> "Right, how about you get a girlfriend too?"
got should be get; "got" is the past tense, which doesn't make sense, since Tomoya thinks that Takafumi should, sometime in the future, get a girlfriend.
July 7th (Wednesday) - "Excuse me, but could I ask for a small favor?" --> "Excuse me, but could I ask [you] for a small favor?"
The following correction probably does not to be made, since the localization was made in British English.
In American English, the recipient of this question is unclear. In British English, the recipient is implied, although this change is still recommended for diction purposes.
Played through the end. Might've missed something after August 10th. Might've missed a route. Will try other routes later. Until then, thanks Doki!

There also should be a comma so that the second to last sentence reads, "Right, how about you get a girlfriend, too?"  If I remember my grammar right, "too" always requires commas for seperation when in a sentence.

On july 11th, takafumi sais "I used to becuase I didn't have anything better to do." Should be "because".

It's a spelling error, but I figured I might aswell post it here aswell.

This is because I added a "Use mplayer now" to an earlier 0702 seen, and used that. If you want those errors to be fixed you can delete "SEEN0702.TXT" in the directory (for all the July 2nd errors), but you will lose the prompt to tell you when to play the opening theme.


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