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Will Doki still be handling the Strike Witches movie?


i wasn't clear if you have cancelled SW the movie or are just changing the release date. i really hope you keep it since i quite like your subs. i'd settle for by christmas. possible?

oh, and you guys rock. hardcore.


I don't think we ever had any plans to do the SW movie.

No one has shown an interest in translating it thus far.

After doing the television series Blu-rays I was hoping you'd do the movie as well  :(

It looks like Underwater might be the best hope, though they haven't been too active lately.

Oh well, thanks for the hard work you put into subtitling other anime.  Doki are without doubt one of the best groups so it's a shame you won't be doing the Strike Witches movie.

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Hanover Fist:
I was amused by the [Flying Pantsu] group name I saw today for a Strike Witches movie release and remembered this thread. Well now you have at least four options to choose from: Underwater, Bloatgirls err Coalgirls, Strike Subs and Flying Pantsu above and beyond the re-encoders.

--- Quote from: stealthmomo on October 29, 2012, 06:03:07 am ---... i'd settle for by christmas ...
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And it's not even December yet.


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