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Hi Guys I'm looking for some sites regarding Anime Series or Visual Novel's. if anyone of you know some please share it
with us and i think every one know 1 or 2 sites.and also the site im looking for is a free section wherein
you can download for free and also With subs.
These are the example sites:

* http://www.realitylapse.com/
* http://www.ddgamez.com/
* http://erogedownload.com
* http://renai.us/
* http://anime.thehylia.com/

Thanks Again And hope you all have a nice day

You could just use IRC and download via XDCC!

Well unfortunately im not really familiar with IRC and XDCC
So Teach me please :D

Hanover Fist:
We already have. :P Instructions are in the Support forum, in the How to - Download with XDCC thread.

Thanks for this information :D


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