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Ok people, list your favorite Anime characters WITH EXPLANATION, PLEASE

Eucliwood Hellscythe (KoreZom)- One of my favorite Quiet girls. If you think of it, she is very internally conflicted with her life that she wants to be in. Enjoyable and has a kawaii voice. Not to mention she is super powerful
Ikaros (Sora No Otoshimono)- Another Silent Girl. One of my favorite girls while also being pathetic if you think of it.
Chaos (Sora no Otoshimono)- Crazy Psycho Loli. 'nuff said. She is also pretty Kawaii. I can't wait till she is a good character in the manga (hopefully)
Nagato Yuki-Yeah I like the Silent ones
Ai (Dragon Crisis)- Overal imo a nice character. Hell I love the name Ai
Yell (Akikan!)- Of the the 'cool' Characters I actually like. Pettanko Helps also
Yoshida Yuki/Maelstrom A great character. Fun, happy, lovable. My Favorite KoreZom Character
Msyu Pettanko with Fire powers and Fanged teeth.. I love Pettankos <3
Sakai Hina (Hoshi)- Another cool character with kawaii tedencies
Masakaki (C) The only guy character to be my favorites, crazy, sarcastic and manipulative. Masakaki is just awesome

heres some of mine:

nymph (sora no otoshimono) - a cute character with some funny moments, my favourite angeloid
Sakurai Tomoki (Sora no Otoshimono) - basically my idol, hes touched so many boobs!
Gendou ikari (Evangelion) Gendou pose, nuff said XD
Uzume (ai yori aoshi) cutest ferret Ive seen
Asa shigure (shuffle!) A very enthusiastic character, that's very fun loving.
Yamada (B gata H kei) A perverted character with alot of funny moments.
Sora (yosuga no sora) Usually A very quiet character, be she can be loud when she wants to be :)

I have more, but these are the ones i thought of immediately

Ikaros (Sora No Otoshimono) Cant get enough of her, dont know why, just love her.
Mayuka Kondō (Onii-chan No Koto) Dem stockings, and shes an overall nice girl, but can get dirty when she wants to.
Nao Yorihime (Yosuga no Sora) OH MY DEAR SWEET HEAVEN. This girl is the greatest anime character ever in my opinion. She's so sweet and caring a loving and just AHHHHH! If i knew a girl like this.. id be all over her like butter on toast. Plus shes extremely good looking.
Kaede Fuyou (Shuffle!) First anime character i liked, and i love the crazy girls for some reason. The crazy ones that take care of the guy.. LIKE NAO.
Mari Makinami (evangelion 2.22 You can (NOT) advance) Pretty much just cause shes like a school girl from my fantasies.

Please note, this list is NOT up to date, because I don't want to sit down and figure on who's been replaced right now. Also, the bbcodes were taken directly from MAL so, look forward to a long post.
Top 25 Characters

I hardly need to explain this one, but basically, Furukawa is my ideal girl. She's adorable, kind, gentle, she has the "weak body" moe going for her, which makes me want to protect her. She also has AWESOME parents.

Alicia is just such a tsundere. She's absolutely adorable though, plus, when you see those lips... who could say no? I love her scrappy nature, but that in the end, she's still a beautiful and thoughtful person.

Well, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for yandere girls. Also always had a bit of a soft spot for Nakahara Mai characters (see Nagia above). Honesty though, when she's not attempting to grind Keiichi into dust or sticking an axe in someone's head, Rena is absolutely adorable. She has the most wonderful laugh and she's so very good at playing innocent when we all know she's not (not, Zombie, those of you who've seen the anime probably know what I mean, kana? Kana?). Darou? Darou?

Chiaki.is.awesome. There is no other need for explanation. Voiced by my favourite seiyuu. Adorable. A perfect mix of overly mature and entirely IMmature. Also, she has a serious crush on her older sister, and the possibility of yuri incest is a joyful one.

Kanade <3 Probably one of the most wonderfully tragic characters. It's hard to explain anything about Angel Beats without dropping major spoilers, but let's just say that from the very first moment she stuck a fucking gigantic blade through Otonashi's chest, I adored her. Watching her get pummelled endlessly by bullets and never give up was just wondrous.

Yuki-nee. So cute. What I love about Yukino is that she's a very classic and simple example of deredere. Not only that, while she usually comes off as the immature type, you will realise soon enough that she always has her mind on the important things, and the amount she cares for her sister (not just romantically) is incredibly endearing.

Kirino is... well... I just wish she was ORE no imouto. Complete otaku, into imouto games, adorable/gorgeous. I think I kind of have a thing for girls with a secret, too. A secret like hers especially.

I wonder, do I even need to explain this one? Everybody likes Nagato, right? Well, okay, she's like the perfect cross between an android and a human. She's fascinating. We all know that, somewhere under there, she's got emotions. I just long to see her smile.

RAILGUN. She can blow crap up with her super electricity powers. Not enough? Okay, well she's an adorable tsundere. I like tsundere's. I AM tsundere. On top of that, she's just SO cool, and she has 20,001 imouto's, which is pretty awesome too.

Number 1 in my man harem. Touma makes me lol on quite a number of levels. A man of pride and morals. A man with an awesome harem, who still remains kind even though they constantly beat on him. Most of all, I love how he never really gets the scope of the situations he's in. An enemy threatens the whole world "YOU HURT MY FRIEND AND BLEW UP MY APARTMENT. I'LL MAKE YOU PAY." Ahh, Touma. :D

It's the mystery, I think. I mean, we're seen her head, we know she's pretty. Something about a headless girl on a motorbike with a ROCKIN body that you just can't deny. It hardly needs to be said.

Senjougahara. Gorgeous. Damaged. Lethal. Intelligent. Sexy. Yandere.

It's the purple hair, lollipop and zettai ryouiki. I loved this girl before I'd ever seen her in action. She made it onto my top characters after only 1 episode. She's pretty hilarious in the anime too. Mostly it's her appearance though.

More KugiRie. Taiga? She's just so SMALL. In spite of that, I think I find her to be one of the most interesting loli's I've come across. She's completely kick ass, but under that tough exterior, she's very vulnerable. Watching her grow across the course of the series was really just joyous.

Devious little loli. I can't say as I find her especially attractive, but she's pretty cute with her actions. Not to mention she definitely needs protecting.

MORE for my man harem. Battler is just AWESOME. That's all I even need to say. Voiced by Ono Daisuke, which gets him serious points from the get go. I think it's probably the fact that he pulled his entire family into a time loop just by sheer force of will. "MAGIC DOES NOT EXIST!" Had you noticed that you've been repeating time, magically?

Keiichi is probably one of my favourites because of his faith in people. There are many times across the course of the Higurashi series when he's proved his loyalty without a shadow of a doubt, and how he's willing to stand by his friends no matter what. It's an admirable trait. So I guess he's on my list because I admire him?

She's got the androgyny factor going for her. I've always liked boyish looking girls. Ones with short hair, who wrap. Shiki's incredibly kick-ass, and incredibly tortured. If nothing else, I adore her for being able to live as she is.

lol, such a yandere. She's awesome, she's kick ass, and she's obsessed with her Onee-sama. All of these things are traits I can enjoy. Plus, I have to say, pretty fond of her DFC.

Hehe, another sad individual. Definitely another case of calling on my nurturing instinct. I can't say much without spoiling things, but let's just say that I'd be happy to be stuck with her.

Oyasuminasai nano desu. That's not enough? Okay, well, she's adorable, but underneath her adorable facade, there's something much deeper. Something that's much more pained. In all that time. She never lost her hope.

Tomoya is the king of sarcasm. His story is pretty classic. Delinquent who's on a path to nowhere. But he's got a good heart, the kindest of hearts. Because of that he made friends. Friends that would support him to the ends of the Earth. Tomoya is the kind of person you could only hope to be.

Really? She's just a cute little loli. That's, pretty much my entire reason. It's those little usagi candies. ;_;

Dude is KICK.ASS. Seriously, another voiced by Ono Daisuke. He's just so freaking cool. Those glasses, the power to tear a lamp post from the ground. An interesting back story. I just love the character.

Probably one of the most interesting characters on my list. Without spoiling I can't go much into it. I can say that, in spite of her upbringing, she's the type to ask before jumping. That's a trait I like.

Holy crap that was long -_-

I'm so glad to see the thread name being "favourite characterS"  ;)
I have heaps but if I were to pick a few out of them they would be:
Eucliwood (Kore wa zombie desuka?) - I like how she seems so cool but has a funi character (love that scene where she was eating the pudding x333)
Sugisaki Ken (Seitokai no Ichizon) - I just think he is amazing! He was able to go from the bottom of the year to the top of the year (in terms of grades). He is also funi and his dream is trying to make everybody happy ^^
Pain (Naruto, haters gonna hate) - He is one of the coolest anime characters I have seen imo. He truly wishes for world peace and a world where everyone can live happily.
Hakase!!! (Nichijou) - You just gotta love her <3<3<3 funi moments, funi expressions, cute moments, cute expressions
Otonashi Yuzuru (Angel Beats!) - He is funi and he works so hard in order to be able to help others ^^ (his imouto is cute!)
Shiina Mafuyu (Seitokai no Ichizon) - She doesn't have much special traits but I just love her like that. Too kawaii~
Gokou Ruri/Kuroneko (Oreimo) - She tries to act tough at times but is actually a very cute girl.


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