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2015.08.16 Update - All KSLA Tracks from KSLA-0098 to KSLA-111 Added!

Status Report:
*Compiling Doujin List (This takes time!)
*Origins of Masato's 'Muscle Theme' being researched further. Rockabilly mix with lead. ('おネェとギャルの夏!?' by 夏のおネェとギャル)
*Still prepping for this album: [KSLC-XXXX] 『Festival Pamphlet』:KSL Live World 2013
*(Slowly) Gathering information on the Little Busters! Radio CDs (Gen 1, 2 [Natsume Bros.], & 3 [R])

Currently looking to purchase the following (if you have time to search, send me a link!): all Little Busters!, & Rewrite Radio CDs

Hello to my fellow fans of Key!  If you're anything like me, you love music from Key's games and anime adaptations.  Some of this audio is very well known, such as the Original Soundtracks for Clannad, Kanon, Air, and Angel Beats.  More dedicated Key enthusiasts probably know about Key Music Label and the various albums they have released.  However, how much do you know about the officially licensed releases of Key Music?  Unbeknownst to many, various third party sound labels have released Official Soundtracks and Drama CDs on  behalf of Key & Visual Arts.  In addition, some soundtracks were released in extremely limited quantities (500 or less) and are extremely difficult to obtain.  My goal is to list & provide information on all albums Key has released as well as information on all soundtracks Key has officially authorized to be released under a label separate from their own.

I have a lot of information to provide and could not possibly provide it in one run, probably not even ten.  I also am often interrupted with pressing matters and may need to save my progress midway through an update.  Therefore, this thread is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will have frequent updates until further notice.  Please do not notify me of formatting errors, I am aware of them and will fix them in due time.  Feel free to post (or send me a PM) about whatever is on your mind, but please understand that any information I list is subject to change via updates.

~ Collection Parameters/Guidelines ~

1. All albums/songs produced by 'Key Sounds Label' are included
2. All official albums released for 'Key' under a production company not named 'Key Sounds Label' are included
3. All official Drama CDs & Radio CDs from 'Key' works are included regardless of production company
4. All albums released by authentic 'Key Sounds Label' artists featuring songs or remixes of songs found in 'Key Sounds Label' albums are included
5. Any insert song or album specifically mentioned in a 'Key' work which has pertinence to the work's storyline may be included (Note: This exception has been considered for use in this collection five times, with four albums pertaining to Clannad and one pertaining to Little Busters!; they have been placed in the 'Other Notable Audio' section.)
6. Albums whose names are in English will remain listed exactly as listed in the 'Key Sounds Label Discography'
7. Albums whose names are not in English shall be listed in its most commonly accepted translated form, using the 'Key Sounds Label Discography' as the translation's primary reference
8. In order to keep uniformity among the provided music, all albums will be listed with their product identification codes bracketed in front of the album title
9. Each album shall be sorted into one of five categories: 'Audio & Concert CDs', 'Drama CDs', 'Radio CDs', 'Authorized Audio CDs', and 'Other Notable Audio'
10. If a CD's content overlaps into more than one category, the disk will be assigned according to its primary assumed purpose
11. For an album to be included in 'Audio & Concert CDs', said album must meet all of the following criteria:
  • Is the album in question a release by 'Key', 'Visual Arts' or one of its subsidiaries, a commissioned third party label, or an artist either previously or currently under contract by 'Key'?
  • Does the audio included in said album derive its content, in original or modified form, from a 'Key' visual novel, 'Key' anime, 'Key' concert, or is a track from 'Key Sounds Label'?
  • Has the audio in said album either been used in a licensed 'Key' work or production, been commissioned by 'Key' or 'Visual Arts', released by an authorized producer and/or distributor of 'Key' goods, or has served as a direct compliment to another album previously accepted into 'Audio & Concert CDs'?
  • Upon release, was the primary purpose of said album to feature audio, modified or otherwise, from a licensed 'Key' work?
  • Does said album predominately feature produced music or concert content?
12. An album included in 'Official Drama CDs' should meet the following criteria:
  • The album in question can be from any record label, so far as said label has been acknowledged by 'Key' as being a distributor of official storyline related content.
  • The primary purpose of said album must be to enhance or expand upon a storyline from a 'Key' visual novel or anime. (Note: The Kanon Visual Memories 「Uguu」Voice CD, while technically a 'Voice CD', shall be categorized with the Drama CDs as it does not contain music of any kind and seems out of place in the other categories.  In the event a second 'Voice CD' is released by 'Key', a separate category for this type of audio will be created.)
13. An album included in 'Official Radio CDs' should meet the following criteria:
  • The album in question can be from any record label, so far as said label has been acknowledged by 'Key' as being a producer and distributor of an official 'Key' based radio show.
  • The primary purpose of said album must be to provide content related to the official 'Key' based radio show of which it is affiliated.
14. The category 'Authorized Audio CDs' shall contain 'Key' song remixes officially authorized by 'Key' for distribution and sale, but which do not adhere to the requirements put fourth in part [11.] of the Collection Parameters/Guidelines; no 'Key' dōjinshi are allowed (Note: So far permission has only been formally granted to a handful of individuals or companies, typically to those that have contributed to a 'Key' work in some way.)
15. The category 'Other Notable Audio' either contains music known to have been pertinent to a 'Key' work or had original content written by Key co-founder Jun Maeda.  No Key dōjinshi are allowed.


Official Music & Concert CDs

Album ImageYearCatalog NumberComplete Album Title# of TracksTotal Length
1999WIC-6526"Last regrets / Place of wind which arrives"0746:24
2001KSLA-0001WORK-S / Humanity...1050:50
2001KSLA-0002KEY+LIA Natukage / nostalgia1011:46
2001KSLA-0003Kanon arrange best album 'recollections'1364:20
2002KSLA-0004 & KSLA-0005AIR Original SoundTrack37108:22
2002KSLA-0006Kanon Original SoundTrack3775:14
2002KSLA-0007KEY+LIA Birthday Song,Requiem317:28
2003KSLA-0008KEY+LIA Spica/Hanabi/Moon423:19
2003KSLA-0009CLANNAD Image Vocal Album "Sorarad"634:27
2003KSLA-0010Kanon • AIR Piano Arrange Album "Re-feel"1041:36
2004KSLA-0011CLANNAD arrange album 'MABINOGI'944:37
2004KSLA-0012 ~ KSLA-0014CLANNAD Original SoundTrack56207:12
2004KSLA-0015CLANNAD Image Vocal Album "Sorarad Append"419:16
2004KSLA-0016 & KSLA-0017CLANNAD remix album '-memento-'1793:01
2005KSLA-0018KEY Compilation Mini Album "Ma-Na"525:54
2005KSLA-0019Love Song1371:56
2005KSLA-0020Tomoyo After Original SoundTrack2169:16
2005KSLA-0021CLANNAD / Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album "Piano no Mori"1054:44
2006KSLA-0022AIR Analog Collector's Edition – Tori no Uta / Farewell song*5~32:43
2006KSLA-0023 & KSLA-0024OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol. 119130:30
2006KSLA-0025planetarian Original SoundTrack1238:06
2006KSLA-0026Last regrets / The Place Where Wind Arrives628:22
2007KSLA-0028Little Busters!630:09
2007KSLA-0032semicrystalline.Little Busters! original arrange album.1036:36
2007KSLA-0033 ~ KSLA0035Little Busters! Original SoundTrack53181:51
2007KSLA-0036Mag Mell / Dango Daikazoku732:26
2007KSLA-0037Rockstar Busters!1249:21
2007KSLA-0038Little Busters Character Song "Rin's Secret Love Song / Mission:Love sniper"418:07
2008KSLA-0039 & KSLA-0040OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol.214103:42
2008KSLA-0041Little Busters! Analog Collector's Edition "Little Busters! / Faraway / Alicemagic*6~41:04
2008KSLA-0042ontology Little Busters!-EX Arrange Album936:27
2008KSLA-0043Little Busters! Ecstasy Tracks1555:15
2008KSLA-0044A Song That Transcends Time/TORCH622:55
2008KSLA-0045 & KSLA-0046KSL Live World 2008 way to the Little Busters! EX31138:20
2009KSLA-0047Little Busters Character Song "Saya's Sleepy Requiem / Saya's Song531:07
2009KSLA-0049Little Busters Character Song "raison / How to Make Pickles Delicious723:52
2009KSLA-0050Little Busters Character Song "Cat, Glass, and the Round Moon / Alicemagic622:20
2010KSLA-0051Crow Song313:17
2010KSLA-0052Thousand Enemies316:16
2010KSLA-0053 & KSLA-0054My Soul,Your Beats!/Brave Song623:19
2010KSLA-0055Little Braver315:03
2010KSLA-0056one's future522:29
2010KSLA-0057Kud Wafter Original SoundTrack2469:33
2010KSLA-0058Keep The Beats!1361:45
2010KSLA-0059 & KSLA-0060Angel Beats! Original SoundTrack47107:40
2010KSLA-0061 ~ KSLA-0063KSL Live World 2010 ~Way to the kud Wafter~41187:58
2010KSLA-0064Last Song / Girls Dead Monster STARRING marina321:05
2010KSLA-0065my most precious treasure ~Yui final ver.~ / Girls Dead Monster STARRING LiSA315:14
2010KSLA-0066Kud Wafter Arrange Album Albina ~Assorted kudwaf Songs~1066:03
2011KSLA-0067Rewrite Opening Theme song "Philosophyz"626:40
2011KSLA-0068Deejay Busters!1060:19
2011KSLA-0069Rewrite 2nd Opening Theme song/Rewrite413:16
2011KSLA-0071Key+Lia Best 2001-20101476:21
2011KSLA-0073 ~ KSLA-0075Rewrite Original SoundTrack63205:22
2011KSLA-0076Rewrite Arrangement Album - Branch838:24
2011KSLA-0077Kud Wafter Original Sound Track2574:56
2011KSLA-0078Kud Wafter Arrange Album Albina -Assorted kudwaf Songs-1260:08
2012KSLA-0079Key + VOCALOID Best selection vol.11155:42
2012KSLA-0080Orpheus ~A Song to Play with You Tomorrow~318:14
2012KSLA-0081“Feast”Rewrite Harvest festa! Original Soundtrack1449:57
2012KSLA-0082 ~
KSLA-0083 /
KSLM-0082 ~
circle of fifth22106:16
2012KSLA-0084KEYNOTE -Key Sounds Remix Album- / Soshi Hosoi1065:07
2012KSLA-0085 ~ KSLA-0086Visual Art's 20th Anniversary Remixes24134:21
2012KSLA-0087 ~ KSLA-0088Little Busters!/Alicemagic ~TV animation ver.~621:23
2013KSLA-0089Little Busters! / Kud Wafter Piano Arrange Album "ripresa"1046:52
2012KSLA-0091Rewrite & Rewrite Harvest festa! Arrange Album "dye mixture"1043:12
2013KSLA-0092Boys be smile / Next to You When You Awoke in the Morning621:36
2013KSLA-0093Your Lost Things / Wings of Colored Tears519:37
2013KSLA-0094Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Original SoundTrack1741:14
2014KSLA-0095 ~ KSLA-0096Little Busters! Perfect Vocal Collection23116:14
2014KSLM-0097Nature Couleur1153:57
2014.12.24KSLA-0098Girls Dead Monster - rare tracks314:07
2014KSLA-0099Heartily Song/The Beginning of the End of It All629:42
2015.4.11KSLA-0100Todoketai Melody422:11
2015.6.26KSLA-0101Million Star29:45
2015.6.26KSLA-0102Angel Beats! -1st beat- Piano Arrange Album 'Holy'838:15
2015.8.26KSLA-0103 & KSLA-104Bravely You/Not Burning Down the Wing6XX:XX
2015.9.2KSLA-0105Paradise Until/Fever Days3XX:XX
2015.9.9KSLA-0106Paradise Until/Fever Days6XX:XX
2015.9.30KSLA-0107Smells Like Tea,Espresso12XX:XX
2015.10.14KSLA-0108 & KSLA-109ECHO12XX:XX
2015.11.04KSLA-0110 & KSLA-111Charlotte Original SoundtrackXXXX:XX
2008KSLC-0001 ~ KSLC-0002KSL LIVE WORLD 2008 Pamphlet and Memorial CD898:20
2008KSLC-0003A Song That Transcends Time/TORCH -Piano Arrange Disc-210:52
2009KSLC-0004 ~ KSLC-0005Key 10th MEMORIAL FES, Anniversary CD1610:52
2010KSLC-0008KSL Live World 2010 Pamphlet Music Disc41187:58
2010KSLC-0009Girls Dead Monster Starring LiSA Tour 2010 「Day Game」3150:26
2012KSLC-0012A Chance to be Happy211:58
2010KSLV-0001 ~ KSLV-0003Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA Tour 2010 Final -Keep The Angel Beats!-16156:37
2013KSLM-0004 ~ KSLM-0006Visual Art's 20th LIVE 2012 in YOKOHAMA ARENA Great Thanksgiving Song to Play with You Tomorrow43223:55
2010SVWC-7721 & SVWC-7722Girls Dead Monster OFFICIAL BAND SCORE "Keep The Beats!"1361:45
2005AIR-0005Invitation to the Legend440:28
2003MACM-1167Listen to Music Box Works Collection1550:51
2005FCCM-0066Air Film Soundtrack2354:55
2009QLCD-0015Game ・ TV Anime "CLANNAD" Vocal BGM The Place Where Wishes Come True ~Vocal&Harmony version~419:55
2009MJCD-0010Key Tribute Album Vivid Colors1031:14
2008CLANNAD-0009(?)Movie CLANNAD Collectors Edition Vocal CD344:41
2002MACM-1155TV Animation Kanon Sound Track vol.13156:44
2002MACM-1156TV Animation Kanon Sound Track vol.255115:55
2002MACM-1157Florescence Flower Maxi Single626:58
2007FCCM-0198CLANNAD Film Soundtrack2750:01
2007CLANNAD-0004Mag Mell (frequency⇒e Ver.)311:24
2011VMCD-0001Philosophyz/Beyond the Darkness MintJam Version629:15
2012VA-0001 &
Shift: NEXT -> GENERATION Pamphlet CD21102:37

*Note: Very Limited Release - It is believed that exactly 500 copies have been produced, all in vinyl format.

Official Drama CDs

Album ImageYearCatalog NumberComplete Album Title# of TracksTotal Length
2003SNOW-2003Die Fernsehserie Kanon (Zeichentrickfilm) CD Band Spezial1228:38
2006KSLA-0027planetarian Drama CD Chapter One "A Snow Globe"751:10
2007KSLA-0029planetarian Drama CD Chapter Two "Jerusalem"762:13
2007KSLA-0030 & KSLA-0031planetarian Drama CD Chapter Three "Man of the Stars"14127:13
2000MACB-6001Drama CD Album Kanon Vol.1 Makoto Sawatari Story1073:36
2000MACB-6002Drama CD Album Kanon Vol.2 Mai Kawasumi Story578:52
2001MACB-6003Drama CD Album Kanon Vol.3 Nayuki Minase Story868:31
2001MACB-6004Drama CD Album Kanon Vol.4 Shiori Misaka Story965:17
2001MACB-6005Drama CD Album Kanon Vol.5 Ayu Tsukimiya Story1044:01
2001MACP-1001Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology.1 Prologue ・ Shiori Misaka852:52
2002MACP-1002Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology.2 Nameless ・ Makoto Sawatari960:10
2002MACP-1003Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology.3 Forthcoming Dream ・ Mai Kawasumi962:44
2002MACP-1004Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology.4 Snowshowers ・ The Seven Year Snow960:37
2002MACP-1005Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology.5 Epilogue ・ Where the Wind Reaches 1169:50
2002MACP-1006Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology Volume 1 Breakfast for Ms. Akiko Minase1367:51
2002MACP-1007Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology Volume 2 Dinner for Ms. Akiko Minase1173:21
2003MACP-1014Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology Volume 3 Lunch for Ms. Akiko Minase1259:24
2003MACP-1015Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology Volume 4 A Bento for Ms. Akiko Minase1364:25
2003MACP-1016Kanon Official Drama CD Anthology Volume 5 Tea Time for Ms. Akiko Minase1566:53
2007UnknownTV Anime Tsukimiya Ayu Kanon Visual Memories 「Uguu」Voice CD Special Appendix869:58
2005AIR-0004Ms. Kamio1258:07
2005FCCP-0009AIR Drama CD Volume 1 Misuzu Kamio ・ Dream - Part One1069:07
2005FCCP-0010AIR Drama CD Volume 2 Kano Kirishima ・ Dream - Part One860:21
2005FCCP-0011AIR Drama CD Volume 3 Minagi Tohno ・ Dream - Part One1064:50
2005FCCP-0012AIR Drama CD Volume 4 Misuzu Kamio ・ Dream - Part Two972:51
2005FCCP-0013AIR Drama CD Volume 5 Kano Kirishima ・ Dream - Part Two1072:55
2005FCCP-0014AIR Drama CD Volume 6 Minagi Tohno ・ Dream - Part Two968:52
2005FCCP-0015AIR Drama CD Volume 7 AIR SUMMER961:58
2005FCCP-0016AIR Drama CD Volume 8 AIR - Part One965:47
2006FCCP-0017AIR Drama CD Volume 9 AIR - Part Two1073:53
2008PROTOTYPE-009Drama CD "On the Hillside Path that Light Watches Over" Digest Edition (PSP)542:02
2008PROTOTYPE-1005Drama CD "On the Hillside Path that Light Watches Over" Digest Edition (PSP Pre-Order Bonus)434:35
2008PROTOTYPE-012Drama CD "On the Hillside Path that Light Watches Over" Digest Edition (Xbox 360)551:00
2011PROTOTYPE-017Drama CD "On the Hillside Path that Light Watches Over" Digest Edition (PS3)548:12
2007FCCP-0024Drama CD CLANNAD Vol.1 Nagisa Furukawa973:32
2007FCCP-0025Drama CD CLANNAD Vol.2 Kotomi Ichinose975:34
2007FCCP-0026Drama CD CLANNAD Vol.3 Fuuko Ibuki967:47
2007FCCP-0027Drama CD CLANNAD Vol.4 Kyou Fujibayashi960:19
2007FCCP-0028Drama CD CLANNAD Vol.5 Tomoyo Sakagami979:59
2007CLANNAD-0006Furukawa Bakery ~Peace Through a Day at Furukawa Bread~ (CLANNAD Movie Special Edition Pamphlet)517:09
2007CLANNAD-0007Back to Furukawa Bakery (CLANNAD Movie Special ·Edition BONUS CD)850:32
2007PROT-001Drama CD CLANNAD - In the Hills Watching the Light - Volume 1489:16
2007PROT-002Drama CD CLANNAD - In the Hills Watching the Light - Volume 2482:50
2007PROT-003Drama CD CLANNAD - In the Hills Watching the Light - Volume 35111:24
2007PROT-004Drama CD CLANNAD - In the Hills Watching the Light - Volume 4367:03
2010ANZB-6402Operation ・Impromptu Short Drama CD (Angel Beats! CD Bonus 1)532:28
2010ANZB-6408Operation ・Angel Beats! Prize NG (Angel Beats! CD Bonus 4)1240:53
2010ANZB-6412Operation ・Angel Beats! Second Season (Angel Beats! CD Bonus 6)741:18
2012XXXX-XXXXLittle Busters! Converted Edition SPECIAL DRAMA CD (Playstation Vita)336:01

Official Radio CDs

Album ImageYearCatalog NumberComplete Album Title# of TracksTotal Length
2009KSLC-0006 & KSLC-0007Key Net Radio Vol. 118838:14
2011KSLC-0010 & KSLC-0011Key Net Radio Vol. 218778:33
2008PCCR-90025CLANNAD Radio CD Nagisa and Sanae's Best of Rainbow Radio Vol.119602:28
2008PCCG-90026CLANNAD Radio CD Nagisa and Sanae's Best of Rainbow Radio Vol.219583:19
2008PCCG-90027CLANNAD Radio CD Nagisa and Sanae's Best of Rainbow Radio Vol.319566:27
2009PCCG-90028CLANNAD Radio CD Nagisa and Sanae's Best of Rainbow Radio Vol.418593:11
2008CLANNAD-0000CLANNAD Radio CD Nagisa and Sanae and Akio Best of Hyper Rainbow Special Recording CD658:22
2009PCCG-90029CLANNAD Radio CD Nagisa and Sanae and Akio Best of Hyper Rainbow Vol.118657:40
2008PCCG-90032CLANNAD Radio CD Nagisa and Sanae and Akio Best of Hyper Rainbow Vol.218661:55
2010SSSR-0001Radio CD Angel Beats! SSS (World War Dead) RADIO Vol.17237:08
2010SSSR-0002Radio CD Angel Beats! SSS (World War Dead) RADIO Vol.214351:02
2010SSSR-0003Radio CD Angel Beats! SSS (World War Dead) RADIO Vol.313360:47
2011SSSR-0004Radio CD Angel Beats! SSS (World War Dead) RADIO Vol.413349:04
2011SSSR-0005Radio CD Angel Beats! SSS (World War Dead) RADIO Vol.513389:56
2011SSSR-0006Radio CD Angel Beats! SSS (World War Dead) RADIO Vol.613393:52
2011SSSR-0007Radio CD Angel Beats! SSS (World War Dead) RADIO Vol.712327:18
2011ANZB-6406World War Dead RADIO Business Part Volume 1 (Angel Beats! CD Award 3)1057:16
2011ANZB-6410World War Dead RADIO Business Part Volume 2 (Angel Beats! CD Award 5)854:45
2008PUSH-0808PUSH!! 8 Bonus CD2 from Key60:58
2008LTBS-0001Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! Vol.19XXX:XX
2008LTBS-0002Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! Vol.2XXXX:XX
2009LTBS-0003Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! Vol.3XXXX:XX
2009LTBS-0004Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! Vol.4XXXX:XX
2010PROTOTYPE-015First Edition Branch Bonus Special Disk "Natsume Brothers! [21]"544:57
2008IFPI 28U3National Security Tomoe Midorikawa Hikaru - Natsume Brothers! - Little Busters! Ecstasy Edition Bonus Radio CD
2009LTBS-0005Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.1XXXX:XX
2009LTBS-0006Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.2XXXX:XX
2009LTBS-0007Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.3XXXX:XX
2010LTBS-2101Radio CD Natsume Brassieres! [21]#460:40
2010LTBS-2102Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Wafuta-541:41
2010LTBS-2103Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Mission Complete Set Vol.6542:17
2010LTBS-0008Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.4XXXX:XX
2010LTBS-0009Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.5XXXX:XX
2010LTBS-0010Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.6XXXX:XX
2010LTBS-0011Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.7XXXX:XX
2010LTBS-0012Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.8XXXX:XX
2011LTBS-0013Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.9XXXX:XX
2011LTBS-0014Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.10XXXX:XX
2011LTBS-0015Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.11XXXX:XX
2011LTBS-0016Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.12XXXX:XX
2011LTBS-0017Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.13XXXX:XX
2012LTBS-0018Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.14XXXX:XX
2012LTBS-0019Radio CD Radio Little Busters Natsume Brothers! [21] Vol.15XXXX:XX
2013TBZR-0072 &
Radio CD Little Busters! R Vol.114416:39
2013XXXX-XXXXRadio CD Little Busters! R Vol.2XXXX:XX
2013XXXX-XXXXRadio CD Little Busters! R Vol.3XXXX:XX
2011VA-00112DRadio CD Radio Rewrite Terra Monthly ・ Kazamatsuri Academy Branch (Rewrite Limited Edition Bonus)140:00
2011XXXX-XXXXRadio CD Radio Rewrite Terra Monthly ・ Kazamatsuri Academy Branch Vol. 1XXXX:XX
2012XXXX-XXXXRadio CD Radio Rewrite Terra Monthly ・ Kazamatsuri Academy Branch Vol. 2XXXX:XX
2012VA-00144DRewrite Harvest festa  - Rewrite Harvest festa! Radio - First Edition Radio Rewrite Bonus [Harvest festa Special Edition]157:00
2012XXXX-XXXXRadio CD Radio Rewrite Terra Monthly ・ Kazamatsuri Academy Branch Vol. 3XXXX:XX
2012XXXX-XXXXRadio CD Radio Rewrite Terra Monthly ・ Kazamatsuri Academy Branch Vol. 4XXXX:XX
2012XXXX-XXXXRadio CD Radio Rewrite Terra Monthly ・ Kazamatsuri Academy Branch Vol. 5XXXX:XX
2013XXXX-XXXXRadio CD Radio Rewrite Terra Monthly ・ Kazamatsuri Academy Branch Vol. 6XXXX:XX

#Note: Very Limited Release - Exactly 2,323 copies have been produced.

Authorized Audio CDs
Note: Albums contain remixes officially authorized by Key for distribution and sale. No Key dōjinshi allowed.

Album ImageYearCatalog NumberComplete Album Title# of TracksTotal Length
2008QLCD-0014Veil ∞ assorted voices1255:56
2009QLCD-0016Lia / LIA LIVE BEST 2005-2009 "THE MOMENT"22123:36
2009QLCD-00182 BUY 1 GET! Thanks Package (Lia+Veil)1273:39
2009QLCD-0019 / PCCG-90047Veil ∞ DENPA!!!956:56
2010QLCD-0020Veil color me pop1152:01
2007QLCD-0008 &
QLCD-0009 /
Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.1 Diamond Days23127:27
2007QLCD-0010 &
QLCD-0011 /
Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.2 Crystal Voice24128:38
2008MJCD-23038「GUNSLINGER GIRL -IL TEATRINO-」 Ending Theme 「doll/human」623:39
2008QLCD-0013 / PCCR-90031new moon1358:10
2005QLCD-0002enigmatic LIA1466:04
2007QLCD-0005 &
enigmatic LIA221104:43
2009PCCG-90031enigmatic LIA3 -worldwide collection-23108:52
2011QLC-00001enigmatic LIA4 -Anthemical Keyworlds-1155:25
2011QLC-00002enigmatic LIA4 -Anthemnia L's core-1156:24
2008GNCA-7921U Make Ai Dream315:04
2010LACM-4602Ai Sp@ce Ai Towa ~Fortune favors the brave~ / Meguri Ai Ai418:48
2008MJCD-20117GUNSLINGER GIRL -IL TEATRINO- Original Soundtrack4077:43
2008MJCD-20120GUNSLINGER GIRL -IL TEATRINO- Vocal Album1049:38
2009RMCD-09071 ~
RMCD-09073 &
5 Sound Album 「yukar ~Yukar~」45154:01
2011VQCD-0003HoKey PoKey -Key Cover Song Collection-1473:55
2009(No Number)Time Leap Paradise Vocal・Sound Collection Complete BOX60198:28
2009VA-C77-0001VA Compilation CD Vol.1 "Panorama"1359:35
2010VA-C79-1VA Compilation CD Vol.2 "Panorama"1255:16
2011VA-C81-0001VA Compilation CD Vol.3 "Panorama"1360:38
2012VA-C83-0001VA Compilation CD Vol.4 "Panorama"1264:26
2013VA-C85-0001VA Compilation CD Vol.5 "Panorama"1256:33
2011QLCD-0023 ~
2012MHCL-2054 &
IA/01 -BIRTH-28124:24
1999ICD-66001I've Girls Compilation 1 Regret1363:37
2000ICD-66002I've Girls Compilation 2 Verge23116:23
2012ICD-66032I've Girls Compilation 8 Level Octave1466:07

Other Notable Audio
Note: Albums either contain music known to have been pertinent to a Key work or had original content written by Key co-founder Jun Maeda.  No Key dōjinshi allowed.

Album ImageYearCatalog NumberComplete Album Title# of TracksTotal Length
1985(No Number)Maurice Ravel - Ma Mère l'Oye (Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal)628:13
1990TECN-25976You Can't Swim Only At Night1155:56
1993AVDD-20052Bomb A Head!415:25
1996CAT 037 CDFeed Me Weird Things1270:47
2003SOVO-1002Prologue of sola217:40
2007LACM-4372mellow melody / Ceui313:16
2007LACA-5661sola Image Song Album: Oratorio732:56
2007LACA-5644sola Original Soundtrack ''Soukyuu no Hate''4372:12
2007LACM-4359colorless wind / aira yuhki419:07
2007BCBA-2943sola Color I: Mana Ishizuki623:14
2007BCBA-2944sola Color II: Koyori Ishizuki623:18
2007BCBA-2945sola Color III: Mayuko Kamikawa624:41
2007BCBA-2946sola Color IV: Aono Morimiya632:29
2007BCBA-2947sola Color V: Matsuri Shihou630:47
2008MGS-0007Drama CD 「sola ~Itsukanosora~」857:04
2011FJCD-0001Killer Song415:12
2012FJCD-0002 / FJCD-0003The End of the Planet Love Song / Jun Maeda × yanaginagi 1369:29
2008RMCD-00015 -Five- Maxi Single 「Kaze no Kotowari / Eien」416:27
2008KDSD-00357Leading Harmony / Haruka Shimotsuki1574:19
2008MRCD-8008Marron Vocal Collection1344:10
2009SRL-1003Angel Book vol.011039:29
2003HBMS-005ONE ~To a Shining Season~ True Stories Original Soundtrack2060:47
2001KSCA-29139ONE ~To a Shining Season~ Music from The Animation1243:58
1998MGM-001ONE ~To a Shining Season~ Original Soundtrack2358:19
2001?UnknownThree Minutes of a Heart312:15
1999MACM-1057ONE ~To a Shining Season~ Soundtrack II Piano Arrange Version1454:10
2003NEXREC-001ONE ~To a Shining Season~ Arrange Soundtrack "Sea Roars"1249:58
1999MACM-1059ONE ~To a Shining Season~ Drama CD VOL.1 Part of Your Heart In Me1658:56
1999MACM-1060ONE ~To a Shining Season~ Drama CD VOL.2 Important Places1059:15
2000MACM-1061ONE ~To a Shining Season~ Drama CD VOL.3 Hirakareta Tobira Misaki Kawana Story1369:15
2001KSCA-29146ONE ~To a Shining Season~ DRAMA CD triplet story350:37
2002KSCA-29151ONE ~To a Shining Season~ DRAMA CD 'miniature'675:10
2013NoneThe Blue Symphony NYC3274:26

** General Note - Translation help needed for all Drama & Radio CDs - You will receive credit for your work! - If anyone is able to assist with some translating, please contact me

More Information Below!
The album '「key15th」 / 「clannad10th」 Global Collaborative Arrange Album : Rebirth' has been released for free!  Enjoy it!!

ADDTL Notes:

• Several of the listed albums could only be acquired at Comiket or through the purchase of a limited edition release of a respective Key visual novel.  In an attempt to prevent confusing sidenotes from appearing next to many album names, only the rarest of Key's releases have been noted as being rare.

• Though not always applicable, a good way for determining the rarity of a Key release is by reviewing the method of release as well as its packaging.  The first release, limited edition Key visual novels always have a limited edition audio album packaged with them.  Many releases at Comiket are produced in limited quantities and are likely to see increases in value.  Large 'pamphlet' albums (which more closely resemble very large, glossy paged books with about two-dozen pages) are usually given out at concerts & Key sponsored events and are among the rarest releases.  Every vinyl (analog) album released by Key has been extremely rare.

• The first planetarian Drama CD ('A Snow Globe') was released twice with different album covers.  The first release was as a single album, while the second was part of box set with the two subsequent Drama CDs.  Since the second and third drama CDs were only released as part of the boxed set, the box set image for the first album is traditionally used to represent its release.

• Some sites have what they list as the super-rare Little Busters! Analog album available for download either in high quality MP3 or FLAC format.  Unfortunately, the albums I have found available for download have all been fakes with tracks simply copied from other albums and resisted as part of the analog collection. Do not be fooled by these attempts at trickery!

• 'KSL Live World 2008 way to the Little Busters! EX' was released with the album cover listed in the table above.  However, it was intended to be released with another version which is still listed on Key Sound Label's discography.  Instead, the image posted here was used as a box cover for the set.

• KSLA-0053 does not contain any soundtracks.  It is a limited edition DVD that contains the OP and ED of Angel Beats! without credits; all music available on this DVD is available in KSLA-0054, its accompanying soundtrack album.

• KSLV-0001 ~ 0003 are DVDs and do not have soundtracks solely in audio format associated with them.  Though the DVD/BD are officially listed as having 16 'tracks', the DVD can be better divided into 25 distinct soundtracks which include the songs themselves, OP, ED, and various lengthy MCs.

• The Rewrite 'Theme' Album that is currently circulating the internet is a BGM taken from the game itself, not an official album release.  Track length, quality, etc. will not correspond appropriately to the official Rewrite Original SoundTrack.

• There is some controversy regarding the cover(s) of the eighth AIR Drama CD.  The one shown in the above table is the official, standard copy; however, another version is also said to exist.  Due to the alternate version's resemblance to the original game cover of the AIR Visual Novel, it is likely either a prototype cover or a well done fake.  The reason that this potential fake gets special mention is because of the unusual selection of the official CD cover, whose artistic style is in contrast with the other albums & which closely resembles the 'AIR Original Soundtrack' from several years prior.  In contrast, the potential fake follows the artistic style of the other drama CDs.  Why would Key opt to forgo the style of the other 8 Drama CDs in the series in order to use a cover which looks so similar to AIR's most iconic album?  Finding the answer to this question could unlock the answer regarding the legitimacy of this 'prototype cover'.

• There is an alternate CD cover used for Angel Beats! Drama CD SSSR-0004, though I have been unable to verify its authenticity.

• The 'CLANNAD Radio CD Nagisa and Sanae and Akio Best of Hyper Rainbow Special Recording CD' was released at C75 as a part of CLANNAD Torioroshi CD Tsuki Goods set.

• Oh 'QLCD-0015,' what irritation you have caused me!  There has been plenty of controversy as to which this album was an authorized Key release or not.  As it turns out, it is. [But it’s from 'Queens Label'!  It can't be official!]  Au contraire, mon capitan!  If you won't take my word on it, please refer to the 'Key 10th MEMORIAL FES, Anniversary Pamphlet' where you will find this reference.  All listed 'guests' released officially authorized music/audio on behalf of Key.

• The reason for including several of Lia’s / Veil’s personal albums is because they were granted permission to do so by Visual Arts (Key’s parent company).  Not all of these artist’s albums were included; only those that contained Key produced audio tracks.  Since permission was granted for the releases and because the original singers provided their voices for the listed albums, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be included in a listing of officially authorized Key releases.

• The album ‘Veil ∞ assorted voices’ has an alternate album cover.

• … also, the album ‘Veil ∞ DENPA!!!’ has an alternate album cover due to its general re-release several months after the first edition.

• The CLANNAD Drama CDs for PSP, PS3, and Xbox 360 contain 5 tracks each taken from the 16 track Drama CD collection released by Prototype.  Each disk contains different tracks from the others, and are more or less teasers for the complete drama CD collection.  As for the Little Busters! Drama CD released with the PS2 version of the game... I have no idea whats on that disk. lol

• I refer to 'U Make Ai Dream' & 'Ai Sp@ce Ai Towa ~Fortune favors the brave~ / Meguri Ai Ai' as the forgotten albums because few people ever played the game 'Ai Sp@ce'.  Similar to Angel Beats!, Ai Sp@ce was a joint project between Key and several other companies. The game allowed players to interact in 3D worlds inspired by the settings of various visual novels, Clannad's being one of the main 3 used.  The dating sim / challenge style game was available for free from 2008 to 2011, when the service was discontinued.  Since this was the only official joint gaming project where official soundtracks were released, I figured it made sense to include these albums in this collection.

• Did you know: The preceding collection of albums includes some unexpected songs, including K-ON! ED theme Don't say “lazy” and Scarborough Fair by classic rock songwriters & poets Simon and Garfunkel.

• The only differences between KSLA-0057 and KSLA-0077 is the addition of one track (hoshizora) in the re-release as well as the design of the album cover.  Similarly, the only differences between KSLA-0066 and KSLA-0078 are the order of the songs and the additions of tracks 11 & 12 in the re-release (Stardust & Fragment Kud.ver, respectively).

• It has been said that all copies of KSLC-0012 were handed out by Jun Maeda himself to fans at Yokohama Arena during the Visual Art's 20th Anniversary Celebration.

• The song 'hope -look up when i walk-' from QLCD-0024 (Disk 2 of IA/00) has the unique distinction of being the only original soundtrack composed by Jun Maeda & sung by Lia to not be included in the Official Music & Concert CDs section of this collection.  If the song was ever used in an anime or in a re-release of the Tomoyo After Visual Novel, it would then qualify for use in the aforementioned section.  (For the curious, 'hope' is the main menu theme for the After VN, and did not have lyrics until this release.  The words sung represent that of Tomoyo describing her thoughts and experiences from the end of the game.)

Naming Protocol for Improved Windows Searchability

1) Albums are to be named according to the following format: English Title ||| Japanese Title
2) Soundtracks are to be named according to the following format: English Title [Japanese Title | Romaji Title]
3) 'Part of Set' information shall refer to the following: Current Disk # / # of Disks in Album

The following is information on the 'Key 10th Memorial Score,' a book of official Key sheet music known for its extreme rarity and detail.

Score ImageYearCatalog NumberComplete ScoreTitle# of TracksTotal Length
2009(No Number)Key 10th Memorial Score*14Unknown

*Note: Extremely Limited Release - No more than a few hundred are approximated to have been produced, though this is an unconfirmed estimation.  Contrary to popular belief, there is no soundtrack accompanying the score book; no CD was released with this item.  The sheet music provided in this book is unique; different and more complete than any other official sheet music releases, including those found in the original soundtrack CD covers or in magazines.   

A PDF containing information on games developed by Key can be found by clicking this link.
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