Author Topic: Your top Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians/Artists  (Read 14419 times)

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Your top Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians/Artists
« on: July 26, 2011, 12:27:38 am »
Simple enough. Tells us your top (Enter Number) Bands/Singers/Artists Whatever. Don't just List, tell us why. Also, make sure to add a hyper link to a song on Youtube so people can listen. Don't embedd a youtube video, just use a hyper Link. It would be good to start at the high Number and go down from there so we don't read about the first favorite than the tenth favorite. If you are doing it in no preticular order than 1-# instead of #-1 is fine.

Note: Anime OP/EDs that are done by the seriyuus with no professional Career doesn't count.
Note #2: Make sure to check if there are more than one bands with the same name, if there is localize by Country. If there are more than one band of the same name but different genre, also add the genre. There are bands of the country with the same name and the same Genre, provide a link to tells us which. (Unless the name is famous than you don't have to specify)

I'll go First.

7. Anything done by Narrenschiff,
Narrenschiff, is probably one of the best Harsh Vocalists out there, he can go from low Growls to high-pitched Screams. He has a great vocal Range and every song he has been in, the most notable thing in the songs is Narrenschiff's Vocals. A Great Vocalist, check out the bands he has been in, Illnath (Up till the second album, which was his last work with Illnath), The First Asmegin album, and the new band he is in, 54.

6. Falkenbach
Falkenbach is a one man band from Germany playing metal mixed with tons of Folk Instruments. Falkenbach takes tons of Influence from Nordic Mythos. Every Album done by Falkenbach sounds the same. But then again, who would want to change from a Formula that works so well that all songs sound the same but each have their own flair

5. Summoning (Austria)
This is what is playing in Middle-Earth, from Lothorien to Mordor. The soundtrack of Middle-Earth is Summoning. Summoning is (as you can Guess) well known for having a Huge Tolkein Reference. Along with Being known as one of the most Epic black Metal bands out there, Summoning has a Huge following in the Underground scene, giving out low production Black metal with tons of Synths and a Love for Tolkein. A must for every Tolkein and Metal fan out there

4. Fleshgod Apocalypse
Probably the only Br00tal band on my list. Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hailing of italy, mixes Technical Death metal of the most Brutal kind with Classical and Symphonic Elements. Fleshgod is known to be one of the best Modern Death metal bands out there and no one can argue. They have one of the best Drummers of the Metal scene, one of the best Riffs and Solos and the most brutal Vocals Ever. From Listening, you can tell their biggest influence is Clasical Music, not metal. It shows, the first Album having many Classical Based riffs and the second (Coming out August 9th) has tons of Orchestral Arrangements in it.

3. Rhapsody(Of Fire)
If you ask just about any Metal-fan what is the cheesiest band in existence, you will be lead to Rhapsody. If you ask just about any Metal-fan what is the most Epic Band in Existence, you will be Lead to Rhapsody/
Rhapsody mixes Power Metal (A type of Metal with Clean Vox) with Synphonic Laden Synths. They are one of the most well known bands from Italy and also known to be fantasy Fanatics. Their story, which is the basis of their lyrics, The Emerald Sword Saga and the Dark Secret Saga spans FOURTEEN ALBUMS and is filled with songs about battles, dragons, swords, question. All throughout Narrated by Christopher Fucking Lee (If you don't know who he is, shame on you). Epic Cheesiness for those who want Epic.

2.Tuatha De Danann (Brazil)
This band is probably the most fun one can have while listening to music, Metal-wise. To be truthful, they can really be called metal, they have enough Accoustic Guitars and Flutes to even be called a Celtic band. But that is what they are, they are a Celtic/Metal band that sings about Celtic stuff....and they are from Brazil. Weird but they play better Celtic stuff than lots of Celtic Bands I know. A really Fun Band, make sure to check them out.

1. Equilibrium (Germany)
Now, What makes Equilibrium my Favorite band? Well I guess you can say it started in Seventh Grade, that was the year I got into metal and stuff. What was one of the first bands I heard that was metal? Equilibrium. I guess you can say my whole life sort of got started to what i am now b/c of Equilibrium. As you can tell, I love Epic music. Equilibrium mixes Brutal Guitars, Folk Instruments and Slightly-Cheesy Synths. This band doesn't just have an Epic Feel to it, it is one of the most Epic Bands ever heard. Each Song is a journey. They have been my favorite band for over five years and will remain.
Now, what makes Equilibrium my Favorite Band?

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Re: Your top Favorite Bands/Singers/Musicians/Artists
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2011, 10:44:49 pm »
Hmm, I have a wide variety of tastes in music, but off the top of my head this has been pretty consistent:

1-1: In Flames
In my first two years of highschool I listened to a lot of rock/metal during that time. I had a wide variety of bands I loved, but In Flames has always been one of my all time favorite bands. I used to go to a handful of concerts and had the opportunity to see them live which I'll never forget. The links I posted are two of their (imo) most popular (and epic I may add) songs that I'd recommend to any metal fans. In my last two years of college I was more fond of hardstyle techno and rap, and now I listen to mainly (in order) to rap, hip-hop, and rock, but when my music player lands on music by In Flames I'm still ecstatic to hear them ^_^.

1-2: Mindless Self Indulgence
A majority of MSI's music is pretty rebellious and imo very unorthodox, but I love their beats and music. It's like if techno and punk rock had babies that I wanted it would be MSI. They've been one of my all time favorite bands as well since my early highschool years. The first link I posted is probably my favorite song by them, and the second link is one of their (if not) most popular song they have. I play keyboard and I love playing with techno/synth instrumentals and Straight To The Video is an awesome song for that. While I was out of the country for summer vacation I learned how to play it by ear for bass and I don't really get tired of hearing their music, haha.

1-3: The Killers
So when I think of all-time favorite music, I think of (for example) Nymphetamine by Cradle of Filth, Do Ya Thang by Ice Cube, Song Cry by Jay-Z, The Quiet Place by In Flames, etc. etc. etc. but The Killers has always been a band I listen to simply because I love ALL their music. I can get tired of listening to music pretty easily, but The Killers I can listen when I just don't know what to listen to and don't feel like putting my music player on shuffle. I can relax to their music, play games to their music, or sing my heart out to their music. I'm sure a lot of you will be familiar with the first link I posted, but the second link I posted is one of my all time favorites by them, check it out if you get a chance!

1-4: Black Eyed Peas
Just like with The Killers I can also listen to The Black Eyed Peas pretty much whenever and not really get tired of them. A few reasons why I love this band is because I enjoy the hip-hop scene and I love how they incorporate Filipino pride/culture within their work. I love blasting my subs to their music when I'm driving because they have some pretty rad bass beats. The first link is a great song, with great lyrics, that most of you may have heard in the past. The second link (if you haven't guessed yet) is one of my favorite songs by them XD.

1-5: Eminem
My penchant for rap began when I started middle school. The place I grew up in, and people I hung out with, and the music I enjoyed most was rap. I love a lot of rap music, I have a lot of artists I like, but Eminem has always been a respectable rapper that I've always followed. I love his music, lyrics, and despite what others may rip on him for, in my eyes he's always been a talented and great rapper. He can sing, he can deliver, and at the peak of his career his music was/is the $h!*. Same trend as the previous links, the second link is from his newer material and I listen to that song a lot.... and I mean a lot, haha.
1-6: Speedwave
So techno follows close in terms of the music collection I have compared to my rap. Speedwave is a great hardstyle band I used to listen to mainly in highschool and still up to now. I like a lot of underground artists when it comes to techno and remixes and I think Speedwave needs a little more recognition so I figured I'd share it on this forum. Both links are great songs imo and the second link is the first song I ever heard by Speedwave along with being my all time favorite song by him (a Beastie Boy remix).

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