Author Topic: Update from the VN Dept  (Read 13358 times)

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Update from the VN Dept
« on: December 08, 2013, 06:50:54 pm »
Hi everyone.

I'd just like to make you all aware of this post: . Like it says, I will no longer be continuing in my role as PR, and will thus no longer be actively monitoring topics (in the forums or otherwise) for posts and questions, and replying to them. However, Holo, Delwack, and possibly others will be checking the forums for posts from time to time. At this point, questions posted in posts on the site itself rather than the forums are likely to go unheard unless the topic is very new. From now on, if you have any VN related questions, please be sure to post them here in the forums. Be advised that Holo and the others are a lot more busy than I am, so it might take longer before you get a reply compared to before. Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for being polite towards me in all the time that I’ve been doing this. It’s been an experience. :-) My best wishes goes out to the VN Dept, and all it’s fans! You’re all a great community! (^_^)
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