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Page Titles
« on: May 13, 2017, 12:42:32 am »
not sure if bug report or suggestion, but anyway:

Pages need proper titles. At the moment most pages render the title simply as "Anidex - Other", with the exception of certain root pages (i.e. Anidex - Groups).

I would also recommend that the order be reversed once proper titles are implemented for the drilldown pages. Best practice in page titles is to have the name of the site last in the title, and content in increasing order of specificity first. For example,

Name of Article -> A. V. Club
Section of site (Forums) -> Kametsu
Specific page (Snatch history) -> BroadcasTheNet
Specific page (System) -> Sonarr

Anidex currently has this reversed, (Anidex -> Section of site (Groups)), which means that as tabs shrink in size less useful information is displayed (i.e. the site is identified twice, by the favicon and by the page title), and specific tab information is left out leading to masses of tabs just named "Anidex - ..."